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First time playing FarCry5! It overwrite my keyboard lights and i’m totally in love with it!

First time playing FarCry5! It overwrite my keyboard lights and i’m totally in love with it!

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  • keyboardstatic

    I just bought it and am finding it so very annoying. One second everything is going well and then there are bears dogs helicopters tacticals with 50 calls on the back armourd men with flame throwers. And my pitiful 130 rounds is shit useless.

  • Horsesharknado

    Congrats mate, I have played it a couple of times now and always love to come back.
    If you like FC this one is a lot of fun.

  • morrelli43

    Listen to the soundtrack too. I loved this game. Even after my first playthrough when it came out, I still listen to the soundtrack.

  • Jealy

    A friend and I both bought it in the sale recently to play it co-op.

    We’re forced to do an intro (with unskippable cutscenes), only to find out the servers haven’t worked in about a week and we’re unable to play together.

    What a waste of time.

  • Ok_Profile9400

    Amazing game, I played through during lockdown, whenever I wasn’t playing, I had the aching feeling that the people in Hope county needed me

  • rare_whereabouts

    Keyboard looks amazing; FC5 is really boring after a few hours though, Ubisoft doesn’t know how to make an engaging game anymore…

  • dmtandcrumpets

    love far cry 5 , its way too short though. i really wish you could skip certain cut scenes though because a few of them drag on too long and too slowly.

  • torn-ainbow

    It’s a good game. It plays well, the guns feel cool and it’s got a lot of open world to explore and things to do.

    The main story is perhaps a little too long, and sometimes forces an interruption on you. I’d say get through it in bursts, then relax with some free roam sandbox action.

    And when you’re done, Far Cry New Dawn actually finishes the story.

  • sonsargon13

    I got far cry 5 yesterday and it’s awesome just wish denuvo could fuck off. Shit makes my cpu run way hotter than it needs to

  • cornman12909

    This is the first and only far cry I’ve played. It was awesome, and held my attention long enough to complete it. I gotta check out the other ones. Enjoy the game!

  • TheRapie22

    i suggest monitor wall mounts to give your desk such a clean and open feeling. your german walls should support your screens with ease

  • JoOngle

    Totally underrated game, I have farcry 4, 5, 5 ND, and 6. I think 5 is by far the best because of the music and story.

    I’ve played it through almost 3 times, and it’s just because the story and music feels so other worldly, there is just something about this game that appeals to me.

  • Onyx076

    My fav. Far Cry. It resonated more being on American soil than being off in some other country. Idk. Felt like it hit closer to home for me. That and the voice actors and cut scenes were really good.

  • MHWGamer

    why is this game so hard in the first like 10 hours?
    My normal Far Cry 3/4 playstyle is to run in like a maniac with a lmg and kill everything that moves.
    The sneak sniper works every time obviously but where is the fun?
    rather play the old ones

  • mrjgeezy

    I’ve been contemplating downloading this game on Game Pass now for some time, never played any of the other FarCry games, this is what I was wondering, how easy is it for a 1st time FarCry player to pick up on this game, will I enjoy playing it alone and also on Xbox Series S…..I quit playing games for a few years cuz I let my opiate addiction kind of take over my life but I’ve now been clean for well 6 to 7 months and I bought a new TV, new Xbox, and I’ve been trying to find games to play since I don’t have many friends on Xbox live, actually 0 that I could play with online, I guess long story short, will I enjoy this game? I played RDR2 all the way thru, played all the GTAs all the way thru, but this game has had my attention for a while now…..figured this may be my chance for someone to help me out on downloading it or not.

  • Lt_Jonson

    I *love* this game. *Love*. The design, the weapons, the music, the characters. How the characters interact with each other when you pair them with each other. I almost finished it on PS4, bought it on PC, and happily started from scratch again. This game is so much fun.

  • khalilov_

    A bit late 5 hours later but make sure to use the resistance mod so you’d get the most out of the game, its original progression mechanics rush you through the story way too fast.

  • robstrosity

    This is a really fun game especially in co-op. My only real criticism is the amount of times it randomly pulls you into a dream/drug induced sequence where they talk absolute nonsense and then you have to fight your way out. I was happy doing what I was doing thanks!

  • not_a_mantis_shrimp

    This game made me very angry. It felt like nothing I did mattered at all.

    If the player character wasn’t in the game the same thing would have happened.

    Also how many times can they send unstoppable capture squads, just to not kill me?!

  • Ok-disaster2022

    Overwriting keyboard colors is a little option box in the corsair software. I forget what’s it’s called. Essentially keep unticking boxes.

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