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First Image from Robert Eggers’ ‘Nosferatu’

First Image from Robert Eggers’ ‘Nosferatu’

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  • MarvelsGrantMan136

    No date yet, but it’s out next year:

    >Nosferatu tells a gothic tale of obsession between a haunted young woman in 19th century Germany and the ancient Transylvanian vampire who stalks her, bringing untold horror with him.


    * Bill Skarsgård as Count Orlok
    * Nicholas Hoult as Thomas Hutter
    * Lily-Rose Depp as Ellen Hutter
    * Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Friedrich Harding
    * Emma Corrin as Anna Harding
    * Willem Dafoe as Professor Albin Eberhart Von Franz
    * Simon McBurney as Herr Knock
    * Ralph Ineson as Dr. Wilhelm Sievers


  • NoCulture3505

    Didn’t love the Northman, but I’ll watch anything Eggers makes.

    Cast is great, although I kind of wish Anya Taylor Joy stayed as the lead.

  • brayshizzle

    Robert Eggers ability to world build is remarkable.

    All three of his movies were so detailed and made it easy to get lost in.

    Give me that goth horror daddy.

  • alamotexas

    YES, the shadows in the original are so fuckin creepy, glad they seem to be using them to great effect in the new one. Eggers hasn’t let me down yet!

  • black641

    I’ve loved vampire media for as long as I can remember. *Dracula,* and by extension *Nosferatu,* are two movies that have special places in my heart. I’m so hyped about this movie! Finally, a *Dracula/Nosferatu* adaptation that *actually tries to be scary.* Maybe after this, we can take a break from the trend of trying give all of the “classic monsters” a Marvel-esque power scale?

  • sknmstr

    I didn’t realize till right now, that this is different than the version with Doug Jones playing Count Orlok. Now I’m psyched for 2 versions!

  • BaldBeardedOne

    One of my favorite directors. The attention to detail is next level with his movies. Skarsgård as Orlok is exciting, too. He seems to be the guy to go to for tall and scary and I’m here for it!

  • allegate

    Ah the sonorous voice of Ralph Ineson. Love it, but I saw The Witch in a poorly-calibrated theater and it was hard to hear his lines.

  • redditsuckz99

    After this eggars needs to dip into some lovecraft or jack the ripper mythology. His Atmosphere and world building is top notch.

  • magvadis

    He does cultural horror so well I’m hoping he leans into the historical period more and the things within it that would drive that horror.

    He really hit it out of the park with Northman turning the Viking fake media mythos into what it actually was…a blood fueled desire for honor at all costs at the expense of civility and all that makes humanity good.

    He did the same for the Witch where the Witch was probably the least scary part about the movie, and the Lighthouse where what these men were running from defined what they desired on the Island.

  • leolegendario

    I watched the original film yesterday and I loved it, I really want to see this version and also the other one that was made with Doug Jones as Count Orlok.

  • LawbringerForHonor

    It’s Egger’s so I’m really excited. In my book he hasn’t missed yet. (I’ve seen some commenters here not liking The Northman, but I absolutely loved it, I also loved The VVitch and The Lighthouse is my favorite movie so I’m really excited for Egger’s next movie. He is excellent at creating modern mythology and with Nosferatu he can definitely do incredible things.)

  • ZogZorcher

    It’s hilarious to me that there are people who saw the witch and the lighthouse. But for some reason expected the Northman would be braveheart with Vikings 🤣

  • LegalFan2741

    Hm…I’m curious how is it going to be. I watched the original 1922 and 1979 version multiple times. They’re soo much fun, seeing how the technicalities changed but the story remained dark, depressing and terrifying (the doorway scene from 22’ and mirror scene from 79’ still take the cake). Very very good pieces, enjoyable in 2023. Also, if you’re craving to see some real powerful vampires Nosferatu is a good one to watch and cleanse the palate. He’s a beast that appears slow and sluggish until he sees blood and with a full blown black plague following him around.
    Hopefully, they will be respectful enough to the original and not make it some CGI riddled hot mess.

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