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First Image from ‘BLACKBERRY’ – follows the rise and fall of Research In Motion, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company behind the phone | A film by Matt Johnson (‘Operation Avalanche’)

First Image from ‘BLACKBERRY’ – follows the rise and fall of Research In Motion, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company behind the phone | A film by Matt Johnson (‘Operation Avalanche’)

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  • TinyFugue

    The dude in the center looks like a cross of John Romero from that famous photo of the Id development team and Will Ferrell from Semi-Pro.

  • dresseme

    Matt Johnson is truly a filmmaking genius. Check out The Dirties if you haven’t or Nirvanna The Band The Show. His manic style is truly unlike any other and I love his blend of fiction and non-fiction elements.

  • HugeSuccess

    “The Plan: I direct a movie about a famous Canadian tech company, and we host the debut screening at the Rivoli. We advertise live music, but don’t say which act will perform, and then *we* get on stage after the ‘real’ band cancels.”

  • funkhero

    Wow, this is a crazy good photo. They nailed the aesthetic and either took the photo with a film camera or just applied the effect in Photoshop. Either way, good job.

  • JRPictures

    I need to get around to The Dirties and Operation Avalanche but I freaking love Nirvanna The Band The Show so I’m totally in for this.

  • maniBchef

    As soon as I heard the CEO say they weren’t going to put cameras on their phones, that people didn’t want that, I knew they were Doomed…

  • AnticitizenPrime

    I worked in the cellular industry in the early-to late 2000’s. Blackberry was king for some time back then. I was wined and dined by their reps in the mid 2000’s. I myself had four different generations of Blackberry phones.

    It’s interesting how quickly they lost their king smartphone status. They were so far ahead of everyone, and ruled the business and even government sectors (the President of the US used a Blackberry at one point). Even when iPhone and Android came along, Blackberry already had more apps, that you could download and install without an app store (it took a while for Apple to realize the advantage of user created apps and didn’t allow third-party apps for a while).

    I guess I’ll check out this movie if it provides insight into what business decisions were made that led to its downfall, but if it isn’t a documentary, I doubt that’s what the movie is about though.

  • OneTyler2Many

    I remember before iphones, the blackberry was really catching on. I had friends with rich parents and they had bragged about checking emails on their blackberry(very early 2000s) and how everybody should have a blackberry because old phones were just so obsolete. Funny how things change like that.

  • vafrow

    I’m really eager to see this. From a Canadian perspective, it’s hard to understate how big of a company RIM was back in those days.

    I also don’t think their downfall can be easily attributed to an easy digestible reason like greed, or incompetence. There’s some hubris there in not seeing Apple coming, but even then, given how they were so engrained in the corporate market, you can see how easy it would be to have those blind spots.

    I know it’s a comedic take on the whole thing, but I’m really hoping we get some good insights into the whole thing.

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