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First ever run through the original Legend of Zelda done! I mapped the game as I went and it was a ton of fun!

First ever run through the original Legend of Zelda done! I mapped the game as I went and it was a ton of fun!

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  • Kindly_Leg_7976

    i just started playing this again on the switch, seeing your handdrawn map inspired me to make something similar (because i still get lost LOL)

  • FortifiedHooligan

    Wooo flashback to me and my dad mapping it out. Thanks for this. Now you have to add all the secret spots, and replay it 1000 times

  • TwinsParadox

    I still remembered where to go and where hidden items were. Not all but some at least. I played the original about 30 years ago… Amazing what the brain can do.

  • blitherblather425

    As someone who played the original Zelda back when it released it makes me really happy people are still playing this game. I don’t know why, I just have such good memories playing this game.

  • NeatCartographer209

    After looking at the comments, I feel like OP has his own little print shop as a side gig. If not, OP, you’d be really good at that! Amazing work!

  • novasolid64

    When I played this game for the first time and beat it, it was a couple of years ago and I did it on my Nintendo classic and I used to walk through and the whole time. I just thought to myself how the hell am I supposed to know this is supposed to be here? This wall looks like every other wall. This bush looks like every other bush what the shit.

  • Tutthole

    So, funny story. I grew up in the 90’s and we had both an NES and a SNES in the living room. That meant that playing games usually became a family affair. And we had a ton of games for that both. And if we didn’t have it, a close family friend owned the local video rental store. They had no problem loaning us whatever games we wanted.

    Over the years, it gravitated from the family Nintendo to Mom’s Nintendo. Dad buying a PS1 and Twisted Metal 2 changed my loyalties so I didn’t care that Mom had stolen the Super Nintendo.

    Fast forward to the early 2000’s and I had just graduated, my parents had gotten divorced, and Dad got the house and everything in it. That meant the SNES too. What I discovered shocked me. She had created detailed maps of almost every game. Where power ups were located. Boss strategies. Every possible combination of the match card game from Mario 3 on the NES. Just notebooks and binders full of home made strategy guides.

    Sadly, they were all lost to a tornado just within the last few years.

  • PM_Me_OCs

    In Megaman X3, you get a helmet upgrade that shows you a map of the level you’re on. Might be more of an undertaking than these.

  • red_vette

    Crazy how this many years later people are still using graph paper to map the game. My father has a binder of all the dungeons and over world that he meticulously did back in 1986.

  • Shotgun_Sniper

    Congratulations, and that is a good looking map! I’m working on the same thing right now, except my map isn’t artistic like yours, just a sketch of what tiles connect where with landmarks.

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