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  • Nice_Exercise5552

    This sounds very similar to Tig Notaros story (in her recent comedy special) about finding a man attractive for the first time when she was carried out of her home by a rugged fire fighter who arrived to help her. Maybe OP and Tig have the same taste in men!

  • JustASt0ry

    As a fat straight guy, I wish. He’s going to take one look at me and say, sorry I just pulled a ham string sliding in here all sexy like. Do you have anything you wish me to pass on?

  • rachid116460

    Yo those para rescue guys are not to be fucked with. Theyre litterally special operators whos whole life/mission is to get you the fuck out of there by any means necessary. They operate anywhere, middle of the ocean check, pakistani mountain check, thousands of feet underwater check oh and theyre all basically doctors.

  • smugmisswoodhouse

    Not gonna lie, I was once at a bookstore and locked eyes with a dude, but I wasn’t really feeling it. Then he rounded the corner to come towards me and suddenly I could see more than just his head (everything below his chin had been blocked by bookshelves), and whoa! He was a firefighter. Suddenly he was like 10x more attractive.

    He came up to talk to me but I felt embarrassed and ran away because I was a chicken.

  • autistic_hybrid

    I find it insulting he grouped together policemen, firefighters and then Pararescue specialists. PJs are U.S. Military Special Operations, these guys rescue Navy Seals, downed Air Force fighters, Marines and basically anyone you think is the most badass motherfucker.

    Skills include but not limited to

    – Static Line and Military Freefall Insertion (HALO & HAHO)
    – Helicopter land and water insertion & exfil
    – Swiftwater rescue
    – Snow, Ice & Avalanche rescue
    – Technical Mountain Rescue
    – NASA Contingency Response
    – Domestic / Disaster Response (Earthquake/tsunami/hurricane)
    – Confined Space and Collapse Structure Rescue and Recovery
    – Advanced Weapons Skills and Small Unit Tactics Training
    – National Registered Paramedic and Tactical Combat Casualty Care
    – Combat Diving and Underwater Search & Recovery

  • Old-Floor-4611

    Every firefighter I’ve seen is fine as hell. I worked at sbux and they’d always order their coffee black 😩

  • Rwohio

    😀 There was a period of time a few years ago where I was constantly tripping & falling. One time, it happened right in the center of my town & a man stopped his truck right in traffic, jumped out & helped me up & made sure that I was OK. He was an EMT/Firefighter & I have to say, I was feeling rather swoony.

  • _Blood_Manos_

    If you never understood why women are attracted to physically strong, mentally focused, and technically proficient men, you’ve never understood a single thing about any woman, ever.

  • antiterra

    You have no idea how many men would love for someone to make them feel protected and safe but can’t because masculinity dictates they must act like the protector.

  • aceofwades

    Nobody every wrote a song called “fuck da fire department”, but if they did it’d be about fucking the fire department 😉😉

  • AJEstes

    My uncle was a PJ In Vietnam. He was a little guy, skinny and pretty short. Yet he trekked behind enemy lines and carried downed pilots miles to safety.

    PJs are truly unsung heroes.

  • Perfect-Face4529

    Daenerys walked into a fire and came out the mother of dragons. This homie walked into a fire straight and came out bicurious

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