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Finished Deus Ex. A fantastic immersive cyberpunk adventure. Filled with many fun choices. 9/10

Finished Deus Ex. A fantastic immersive cyberpunk adventure. Filled with many fun choices. 9/10

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  • jcsirron

    I absolutely adore this game. The dark humor, unintentional behavior and multiple levels of story make it one heck of a ride.

  • Uncle___Marty

    This is one of those games which needs a new gfx engine and a few bells and whistles and it could come out and be super popular.

    Honestly one of the greatest games ever.

  • Dont_have_a_panda

    Thank you know i have to reinstall the Game…. AGAIN and finish It….. AGAIN only because you mentioned It

  • NotAPixel

    Its just great. You can do so many “unpredictable” things but the game keep predicting them.

    Paul say you have to save your ass and run through the window? If you do, he dies.. but you can go fight the attackers. They will take you down and catch you. And Paul survives.

    Anna kills Lebedev as soon as you leave the room? Never mind. Just kill Anna instead. Lebedev will talk to you and Mandarley will wonder how Lebedev was able to kill her…

    All the things like this are just great.

  • Standard_Ad_2871

    I always wanted to play this yet it’s so hard on current systems. Anyone can help with how to make this game run smooth on modern systems?

  • -MarilynMonroe-


    Let’s take a moment to appreciate that there’s some ~20 individual combat themes, conversation themes AND game over themes (a total of ~60) depending on what area you’re in. I believe the full soundtrack has 114 tracks or thereabout.

  • --______--______--

    Till today, we still don’t have a game that reached how immersive this game was. The choices you had to make and how they effected the story was incredible. This is when Devs and writers had a passion. Not like now it’s all about the paychecks and deadlines no time for creativity, just find a formula and milk it to death, only indie games will have this spark now a days.

  • Fenyix

    For me, it’s still the best game ever. It ticks all my boxes: story, atmosphere, gameplay, freedom. I am grateful to have experienced it.

  • _Anonymus___

    I ve been wanting to play this for some time now, the fact that this game is so old is what’s stopping me, should I give it a try ?

  • DenisVDCreycraft

    The only game where I felt the immersion first hand, outstanding. Simply outstanding. Nothing but to buy and keep the game saves in the archive.

  • dayglo98

    Laputan machine! I just realized this may be a pun on the French phrase (la putain de machine) which means “that fuckin’ machine”

  • Rolf_Dom

    Best game of my childhood. Must have completed it a dozen times in every imaginable way.

    I do prefer the modern prequel games more these days, because of how good the production values are. The original is kinda hard to look at and play these days. OG Deus Ex never had good combat gameplay to begin with, and it’s pretty atrocious by modern standards.

    But man, OG Deus Ex still has some of the best level designs, writing, and immersive questing ever made. There are so many ways you can play. Go around killing everyone, saving people the game really tries to kill. You can do it all and the game world responds. It’s so good.

    I’m so angry that they shelved the IP. Though I do believe Square Enix has sold it now, so there’s hope someone else will pick it up and maybe we get a finish to Jensen’s story, or a remake of the original, or something new entirely. We need more Deus Ex in this world.

  • xarchangel85x

    I’m a big fan of the newer ones (Human Revolution, Mankind Divided), I never played the originals because the PC I had at the time wouldn’t have run them. Worth going back at this point?

  • Jo_Jaywalker

    I love Human Revolution and to a lesser extent Mankind Divided so I wish this would get a Remake treatment so I could play it on console.

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