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Finally got it. After waiting for a year or so and not succumbing to scalpers.

Finally got it. After waiting for a year or so and not succumbing to scalpers.

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  • Crissaegrym


    It shows that if you go beyond the “I checked the shop near me” you can actually get a PS5 with retail price.

    The sooner we stop buying from scalpers, the sooner they will all starve to death and the problem solve itself.

  • AverageCowboyCentaur

    CFI-1108A01 wasn’t that the recalled model of PS5, oh man OP did you keep the receipt?

    Naw I’m playin it’s fine, congrats on scoring one! Took me 4 months of watching Twitter and using specially coded web scrapers to tell me the moment someone was or suspected to have a restock. In the end drove 2 hours south to get mine. And it was absolutely worth all the effort!

    What’s your first game? Mine was the free PS5 upgrade of No Man’s Sky and Spiderman 🧑‍🚀🚀🕷️🕸️

  • JustAnotherDannyNL

    Very nice, at the rate my country is currently receiving ps5s it would take roughly 100 years for the ps5 the become available

  • wooded_beardsman

    I’ve had one for a year and tbh I’m pretty underwhelmed. The games haven’t really been all that great.

  • tranquilbreezes

    Congrats! I, like so many people, am just waiting for the announcements hopefully coming in June about FFXVI and VII:Remake 2 to actually hunt for one at MSRP.

  • IAmAtomato

    Fuck scalpers dawg. I got a series x and a ps5 and waited til I could buy a retail bundle from gamestop. Literally paid 200 bucks less than what scalpers were charging and came with 3 games, extra controller and charger stand, GS gift card, and some extra goodies that I’m forgetting off-hand.

    Good shit OP 👌

  • Go_Blue_

    How to get to the front page of r/gaming in 2 easy steps:

    1. Post a picture of a box
    2. Say “fuck scalpers”

  • GalacticShoestring

    It’s been almost 2 years and I’ve given up on getting one. Global chip shortage is supposed to last until the end of 2024.

    Computer parts are in even worse shape. A typical midranged graphics card is running about $1500 CAD now. That is if you can even get one.

  • nomorerix

    I’ve been waiting so long, Final Fantasy XVI and VII:Remake Part II feels like it’s around the corner already.

  • PhantomNL97

    Nice! Got mine a few months ago and I love it so much. Played almost 50 hours of GT7 recently and last week I bought Horizon: Forbidden West.

    Tomorrow I’m getting the Xbox Series X. Very curious as to what’s the better console for me

  • Guppy-Warrior

    I’ve honestly gave up on the PS5…and I think the wait has killed my enthusiasm for gaming… But I’m also getting older with soon to be 2 kids…so I don’t really have the time anyways.

    But the PS5 wait definitely put the nail in the coffin

  • sudden_aggression

    Grats. I fucking hate scalpers and I will crawl through broken glass to deprive them of a sale. It took me a month of trying, but I got a 3080 fe at MSRP like a year ago from best buy restocks.

  • Longjumping_End_1338

    This console has been out for a year and a half. I can’t believe people are still posting this shit.

    Uhhh I mean FuCk sCaLpeRs aMiRiTe?1?1?1

  • 00svtcobrar

    I have to admit, ps5 is the first Playstation I’ve ever owned. I was around during the ps1 era, for reference. Literally the only game on the console is Ratchet and Clank Rift apart. Every. Single. Game. Is also available on ps4… for everyone losing their shit because they don’t have one or can’t get one, your not missing out on anything

  • Gyorgs

    Congrats and welcome to the club! I got mine about a month ago, after also refusing to reward scalpers the whole time.

  • PolarDorsai

    YES! That’s what I’ve been waiting for. I fucking hate scalpers in every retail market. If it’s a legit collector’s edition of something, fine, charge a leg, a dick, a shoe, I don’t care. But if it’s an average item, fuck right the hell off.

    Good on you man.

  • OblivionsPrologue

    Congrats gamer!

    I also got mine not too long ago , mine broke after one play but I just got it back and I enjoy the fuck out of it

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