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Feels really bad man !

Feels really bad man !

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  • Poncemastergeneral

    Lol nothing is limited. Nothing is exclusive. If it’s just digital media. Your get it released eventually for cash.

    Hell preorder bonuses get sold eventually if the game lasts long enough

  • luke31071

    *Oh nooo, other people can play the game I enjoy!!!*

    I’d say this guy’s an asshole but at least the shit that comes out an asshole has substance.

  • Dirk_Courage

    Do you feel bad about the polio vaccine? Do you want other people to suffer just because you did?

    Wait, is this a thread about a formerly exclusive PlayStation game coming to PC and not student loan forgiveness?

  • dtv20

    I’ve been a Playstation fan since ps1. I own all consoles and a really good pc. I still prefer to play single players games on PS5. I love Spiderman. It’s a fantastic game,and I’m happy more people get to play it.

    Spider-Man should never have been an exclusive and I’m happy it’s coming to PC. I can’t wait for Ghost of Tsushima to come to PC. The mods will be GLORIOUS!

  • punx926

    Lol sounds like he needs more of a life if that bothers him that much. It’s all about money. They can profit more by reaching out to PC users, very simple logic.

  • HeadLongjumping

    This is the probably the same grown ass man that complains when someone gets a bigger piece of cake than him at a birthday party.

  • elite11vp

    If you got to play what you wanted, why do you care if others are getting the game 2-3 years later or not. If you bought only due to exclusiveness then its your naivety. Any company can sell to any market whenever it wants. Did sony sign any contract with you?

    And if you are really pissed, next time buy a PC and pray that exclusivity goes away. 😉

  • Darvallas

    People need to stop simping for faceless corporations. You don’t have to bring others down to justify your own life choices.

  • LukkyHarsana

    I hate that my mom is giving a mobile to my brother as well. After years of being loyal to her , helping her with her groceries and all i can’t believe she’s giving him the mobile phone too.

    It was a supposed to be an exclusive , i think i’ll switch over to my neighbour’s family….

  • Foxon_the_fur

    Spend thousands of dollars on a PC instead then. Fucking 5Head play right there. You can do it, buddy. I believe in you.

  • Fruitboots

    >”What did they do to deserve playing it?”

    Uhhh, they paid money? That’s what *you* did to deserve playing it, right?

    This is what happens when consumer products are the cornerstones of a person’s identity.

  • Nyzym

    If there were in the world today any large number of people who desired their own happiness more than they desired the unhappiness of others, we could have a paradise in a few years.

    -Bertrand Russell

  • rbz90

    Why do people get upset when others get things? Like you are mad because you only got to have this if you have a console and now someone with a PC can have it? How does that hurt you in any way?

  • DexxToress

    Why should I have to buy a 500$ console to play a 60$ game?

    Besides, there are still PLENTY of other “Console Exclusives” for the PS4-PS5.

    But even then, why should I have to buy an entirely new system, just to enjoy a good game? Why can’t I enjoy a good game on the platform I like?

  • alchmst1259

    Imagine giving more of a fuck about being rewarded for your brand loyalty than about everyone being able to enjoy something fun. What a shitty outlook. Guy must be miserable.

  • Zapdroid

    My view on this kind of thing is “I have a PC. I prefer playing all of my games on PC. I really wanted to play X exclusive so I bought the console only for X exclusive. If I knew X exclusive would be released on PC I would have been fine waiting, but now I wasted my money on a console for nothing. I feel ripped off as I was promised this would be a console exclusive.”

  • jack-of-some

    Repeat after me:

    Exclusives. Are. Anti. Consumer. Bullshit.


    I personally support the idea that every game should be on every platform capable of playing it. That said, I kind of understand the frustration. Sony has cultivated a very strong “you want this really good game? Well it’s arbitrarily tucked behind a $500 paywall, come and get it”. When suddenly all those games start coming out on a much more open and more capable platform it’s easy to feel like you’ve been a sucker because, and here’s the harsh truth, _you have been_.

    Exclusivity makes suckers of us all.

  • Mir_man

    Pretty pathetic attitude imo. You upset because other people get to enjoy something too?! Dude needs to get a grip and go outside.

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