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Enduring legacies of different kinds

Enduring legacies of different kinds

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  • Mandrivnyk_703

    NCR ain’t bad.

    All things considered is the greatest legacy of the OG Vault Dweller, denial of this is denial of Fallout 1.

    The legion? Please… That was the biggest brain fart I can think of.

  • Excellent_Routine589

    Is NCR taking the Mojave cannon tho?

    I mean I love my NCR/Yes Man runs as much as the next guy, but I thought the events at Hoover have not been like solidly canonized.

  • -TheDerpinator-

    Give me more Followers of the Apocalypse! The only true faction that isn’t just hunger for power in a different disguise.

  • Ezekiel2121

    I mean Legion lands are at least safe to travel.

    NCR isn’t.

    They both suck though. Independent(while playing both sides against each other as long as possible) FTW!

    NCR Veteran Rangers have the coolest armor in all Fallout though, I will give them that.

  • Unimportant-1551

    I can’t comment on 76 but I don’t agree with labelling the enclave the most pathetic faction personally. Considering the fact that they needed the chosen one to destroy their base and be the only one with a chance against horrigan. Needed the entire brotherhood and liberty prime to defeat them at purity.

    When we look at the institute though, all they really did successfully was in the commonwealth. Outside of their literal home base they were a non issue and not a factor in anything. The institute also had no actual competition for decades until the sole survivor and brotherhood started showing up, the railroad was too few in number and gear to take on the institute, the minutemen could do nothing and all the bandits didn’t care. Once the survivor and their chosen faction went to war, the institute got folded instantly

  • Jhawk163

    I dunno what’s worse.

    The fact the Railroad in 4 have a very obvious line leading right to their secret hideout

    The fact the passcode to their secret hideout is spelt out along the way, also it’s Railroad anyway

    Or the fact that the Institute somehow never figured this out…

  • Thomas_JCG

    Why, it’s almost like one of them is the villain that you have to beat…

    Also, in what world is the Institute a successful faction? All they ever do is build replicants, then losing replicants.

  • titaniumweasel01

    Enclave so irrelevant in Fallout 4 that Bethesda had to retcon their armor to be a prewar invention to justify including it.

  • TheMuffin2255

    Wait, I never actually played 4. Did they really disband two of the oldest and most historied factions in the universe? Why though?

  • CrazyPlato

    NCR’s victory in New Vegas depends on the choices of the player. So I don’t know if that should count. Plenty of people sided with the Legion or went independent.

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