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Elvis Presley and Austrian actress Hannerl Melcher, 1957

Elvis Presley and Austrian actress Hannerl Melcher, 1957

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  • DavoTB

    One of several photos of leather-clad Elvis and beauty queen Hannerl taken in November of 1957, where the two met in Las Vegas. A couple photos show them facing the camera, and sitting atop a new 1958 Harley-Davidson Duo-Glide motorcycle.

    One site mentions that Hannerl (then representing Austria in the ‘Miss Universe’ pageant), and her roommate Kathy Gabriel (Miss Ohio in the ‘Miss USA’ pageant), traveled to Graceland to visit Elvis over Christmas of 1957. In pictures from that time, Kathy and Hannerl were photographed in front of a decorated tree, as well as inside of Graceland. Dates for these shots are from December 27th.

    Kathy (1937-2016) later appeared as a guest on “You Bet Your Life” with Groucho Marx, and married Ronald Dittrick, who passed away in 1974.

    Hannerl, who was 20 here, was later cast in Elvis Presley’s 1960 film, “G.I.Blues.” She is 82 now.

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