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E without the 3

E without the 3

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  • trix_trax94

    Times change. Companies realized they no longer need a third party to showcase their products, and that it’s just much cheaper for them to make some presentation at their HQ, record that along with some gameplay and upload it to YouTube, or have their own convention like Blizzard. I’m somewhat surprised E3 kept going for so long.

  • Schulle2105

    Even capcom isn’t as involved as they once were,as they have their own showcase weekend,corona showed them even more that E3 isn’t needed anymore,next on the chopping board is hopefully GOTY every year it’s just toxic debates here

  • joven_thegreat

    Sad meme, but we should never forget the greatest E3 Presentation ever, the Konami 2010 E3 Prescon.

    With memorable lines like:
    “1 Million troops. 1 MILLION TROOPS. WOW!”

    And: “One of the benefits I think of Hip-hop, is we have President Obama”

  • Shameless_iFunnier

    Didn’t ubi have too much to show to be included in the E3, that they had to make their own? And it was actually kinda hype?

  • Aelok

    I would have never thought Capcom would be the one to stay in it. They have IP’s that print gold and they just don’t touch them or give them a real chance.

  • titaniumweasel01

    E3’s organizers are probably on the phone begging Capcom to announce Resident Evil 4 Remake 2 to get people to give a shit about E3

  • Yub_Dubberson

    Most people in these threads are too busy being condescending about explaining outdated business models and marketing trends. Fun stuff..

    Maybe this would help express what some people are trying to say…

    I miss the idea of E3 more than E3 itself.

  • BurpYoshi

    I never fully watched the show so maybe there’s some lore I don’t know but I never got why the ghost isn’t in the second image… He’s a ghost how can he die

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