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Doing some wedding shopping for a friend. 😁

Doing some wedding shopping for a friend. 😁

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  • ICanBeAnAssholeToo

    Is giving knives as a gift a normal thing? My culture it’s taboo, there’s a superstition that by doing so you will β€œcut” ties with that person. So if you really need to buy a knife/sword/scissors for someone, you usually β€œsell” it to them so it’s a business deal instead of a gift. The price is usually low like a penny or dollar and it’s symbolic

  • SW_Zwom

    I’d be very careful with jokes like that. A friend of mine once sent money to himself (from one bank account to another) and, out of boredom, wrote “assassination” in the field for purpose. Needless to say the police visited him the next day.

    PS: They did suspect it was a joke. He got off with a warning and one of the officers found the situation extremely funny. But ever since I heard that story, I’ve become very careful with jokes like that…

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