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Does anyone even believe a word they say anymore?

Does anyone even believe a word they say anymore?

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  • Random_Emolga

    People know Hearthstone is a Warcraft game on mobile right? Like they’ve literally done this before but I guess Blizz bad now?

  • zachbs

    Its not like Diablo where we were expecting a better announcement and got trash instead.

    Here we’re still getting all of our expectations met and getting something in addition that has what, 5% chance of not sucking? Not a bad deal

  • Spitfire836


    Dragonflight has a lot of features that the players are excited for and stuff that we’ve been asking for since forever. Plus WotLK classic and the most recent shadowlands patch with a lot of QOL stuff and mage tower returning (and permanent). Blizzard is 100% listening nowadays and while we haven’t seen how the new expansion plays yet, it looks very promising.

    Also the mobile game is in the Warcraft universe, aka something like Hearthstone. It’s not a WoW mobile port.

    Super annoying posts like this that are from people who genuinely have no idea what they’re talking about or just want free karma from other people who don’t know what they’re talking about.

  • Tarc_Axiiom

    You do understand that this game is a completely different thing that Ion probably, and the Wow development team definitely, had no part in, right?

    You know what the other mobile Warcraft game Blizzard has made is? Hearthstone.

    Believe it or not, this multi-billion dollar company can work on multiple games at the same time. They’re not really doing a good job on any of them but that’s besides the point.

  • Tharoth

    WHat a dumbass post, how dare a company make a seperate game based off an IP on a mobile platform.

    It has nothing to do with WoW at all nor does it have any of the same dev team.

    Are people really this stupid?

  • JehnSnow

    I think that in retail they provided a lot of changes the community asked for. You do also need to bring in changes the community didn’t expect, that’s what keeps games fresh

    Also, does anyone know for sure whether or not the wow dev team brought in new hires to help work on both the mobile game and the main game? If they did then I think it’s great cause that means more content with no loss to main wow content

  • jerslan

    Just “Warcraft Mobile” not “World of Warcraft Mobile”…

    My guess is it’s some kind of Warcraft related game that’s disconnected from WoW.

  • varienus

    Do you wanna know what other company that also has a MMO and is a direct competitor in the MMO market to WoW also has not 1, not 2, nor 3, but more mobile games already released or you just wanna act like the usual rager that they dislike something and have to act the way just to farm karma?

  • luigisp

    This post completely misrepresents the situation – WoW Dev team has shown itself to finally be listening to the players via the newly revealed ‘Dragonflight’ expansion (which is NOT in any way the same as this mobile game, which is 100% made by a completely different/separate team).

  • kingdroxie

    Except Dragonflight is seemingly designed around the philosophy of listening to what players want — which is a formula that’s been tried and tested over ten years ago. It looks like we’re being listened to.

    They aren’t making a mobile game in lieu of the next mainline game, and this post reads like someone who has no clue what they’re talking about.

  • TheNotSoEvilEngineer

    I revile the idiot masses that have ruined gaming by forking over money for stupid mobile games. Fucking casuals.

  • Kengfa

    What are you whining about, exactly? Most of the expansion is going to be account wide, and that was the one major complaint that people had. Crafting might become useful, old content is getting revamped, no more borrowed power. They’re doing literally everything that people have asked for, and you’re still crying about it.

  • FatCheeseMan

    Blizzard has a hell of a lot of problems. Maybe choose one of the many they have instead of making up a new one for them? Dragonflight, from what we have seen, has some promise and does indeed listen to a lot of feedback.

    We don’t know how well they will execute it yet, but it certainly isn’t anything like this post implies.

  • stephenk291

    Always cool to be on the blizzard hate train no matter what they do. You act as if the same team works on all their games. They would have an entirely separate team dedicated to this and it’s not even going to be wow mobile it Says in the warcraft universe.

  • sea_salts_

    People do ask for forms of mobile games though, a common one you see are battle pet focused phone games.


    Stop trying to get a leg up on the hate train please, it’s tacky.

  • LateralusOrbis

    Ion isn’t even a part of the mobile game team.

    Not that I enjoy any sort of defending Blizzard, but the latest expansion announcement they went back on a ton of things they’ve done for years, and apologized. It’s not out yet, but they’ve never made an about face so hard. For plenty of reasons from the past year of course.

    So in that sense, this post is just outdated. You act like they stopped working on the MMO to create the mobile game. It’s literally an ENTIRE different team with a different head.

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