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“Do you have a flag?” Eddie Izzard explains why wars and empires are bad

“Do you have a flag?” Eddie Izzard explains why wars and empires are bad

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  • 1wrx2subarus

    I like this logic on a flag and it’s the reason Wagner (similar to Blackwater) got smoked by General Mattis in Syria. If we handled all engagements that way, there’d be no more private militaries.. Oh, those green soldiers or separatists aren’t uniformed troops flying a flag? Hmmm, sounds like pirates. In Syria, Russia confirmed those aren’t theirs (even though they were there on behalf of Putin). Ok, annihilate them. Seriously, you’d see the end of private militaries if they were targeted like the cancer that they are and pulverized. I’m waiting for that to become the norm.

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  • RaNerve

    Loved Eddie but it’s funny how self aware we’ve become about these perspectives. There is SO MUCH western privilege in these jokes, but only a few decades ago that’s how people thought. ‘World police’ this and saving people that. Simultaneously holding the opinion that colonialism was wrong, while also blaming western powers for inaction when it comes to other countries sovereignty over their own populace.

  • 27SwingAndADrive

    My understanding of history is that it’s divided into two eras: Eras where an empire dominates the world, and eras where everyone is fighting to be the next empire.

    A little concerning, since it’s starting to look like the era of the American Empire is coming to an end.

  • Chenstrap

    The irony of posting this (likely) in response to Russia invading Ukraine, when at 5:20 in the clip he basically rationalizes one of the reasons Russia wants Ukraine.

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