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Dangerous plastic surgery trend: Height Surgery

Dangerous plastic surgery trend: Height Surgery

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  • Routine-Ad-9608

    It’s paying 50,000-100,000 dollars out of pocket for a long excruciatingly painful procedure that’s usually reserved for orthopedic deformities and just to gain two inches of height. There’s absolutely no way your legs will ever function as well as they would naturally and you have spend a year in rehab just to relearn how to walk. I genuinely don’t understand why anybody would do this.

  • zepaperclip

    As a short dude, I’d never get this surgery. But I definitely understand why someone would. A lot of the comments here are completely ignorant on how you are viewed when you’re a short male.

    I can’t own nice things without someone saying I’m compensating. It’s brought up in every, single, tinder / bumble / OKC / Hinge match, and also brought up every time I’m at the bar. It gets brought up in random conversations with strangers.

    Want to get in an argument with someone? Good luck, it’s just going to be short jokes made against you. You’re not allowed to get mad at anything, ever, or else you’re having a Napoleon complex. Fuck, I want to be tall just so I can be mad without having my height thrown at me.

  • gsil247

    I’ll say it, as someone who is 5’5, I would do this if I had the money. I can’t count how many times men and women treated me differently because of my height. The physical pain would be nothing compared to the humiliation I’ve been through, and I’m sure I’ve had it easy. Sign me up.

  • Painkillerspe

    Me and my boys are on the shorter side just over 5 feet in height.

    My oldest teenager has brought this surgery up to me as well as hgh treatments to help boost his height.
    He is relentlessly teased at school for being “short” and has been rejected by girls for being short. He said its not seen as cool to date guys under a certain height now.

    I keep telling him that height is not that important and that theres someone out there for everyone but it doesn’t help what hes going through now. Not like I could afford any of those treatments anyway.

  • Phone_Jesus

    Here’s the thing, 2″ of height can make a world of difference for the 5’10” guy when it comes to attracting a mate.

    I worked in a Verizon kiosk in the mall for a couple of years and had the best luck of my life meeting girls. I was on a freaking roll.

    By far the comment I got most when I’d hang out with the girl away from the kiosk was… “Hmm, you’re not as tall as I thought you were.”

    The kiosk was raised 2 inches and it took me a while to realize that was the secret. My personality and my ability to “perform” made up for the disappointment concerning my height, but it was truly a life changing experience being a couple of inches taller.

    I won’t blame any guy who chooses to do this.

  • Nojnnil

    I mean, i actually personally know someone who got this surgery. Its been about a year and a half since he got it… and he’s walking, running, hitting the gym now. I stilll think its a silly procedure to get… but this video makes it seem like you are gonna be a cripple for life… That simply not true..

    It takes about 5-6 months before you can walk… but most people are fully recovered by one year.

    For some people… this is worth it.. I dont know why everyone is hating so much.

  • MurmurOfTheCine

    How is the argument against this any different to the argument against gender reassignment surgery? Main dude in the video says himself he was mega depressed beforehand and his mental health got better with the height added… similar sort of thing tbh

  • Complete-Artichoke69

    Honestly I’m 5’3. It hasn’t ever been easy. It won’t get easier. I just live with it. It’s very emotionally painful sometimes. It makes it worse when people act like it’s no big deal or short men are overblowing it. It truly sucks. I wish I was taller and sometimes I wonder what my life would have been like had I just been taller.

  • Saul_T_Bauls

    This video makes it sound like this procedure is painful. I’ve had this procedure done twice, taking my height from 5’10” to 6’4″. Sure, I blow over in a light breeze and now technically have two knee joints on each leg but that’s beside the point. I’m happy now. I’m in constant pain. But I’m happy.

  • A_Hideous_Beast

    As a man who is only 5’3, and has had this done several times to correct a leg that didn’t grow longer from a birth defect:

    Please. I beg you. Especially men who feel they aren’t tall enough. Don’t do this.

    I get it. I understand feeling insecure about your height, but this isn’t worth it.

    Yes. It’s helped my leg become close to the length it should be….but the downside is that my femur and knee is permanently weaker that it should be for my age. I even broke my knee once by falling. It also leads to horrible muscle issues. I literally can’t bend my leg 90 degrees because the muscles are so scarred and atrophied. Some days, I wonder if I’d be more physically fit and able if they had just amputated and given me a prosthetic.

    Yes. It’ll make you taller, but it’s going to fuck with your bones and muscles. And, you’re going to look terribly disproportionate.

    Don’t do this unless you have an actual health reason.

  • lordnikkon

    in the SF bay area lots of tech bros got this surgery over the pandemic when everyone was just working from home they took the opportunity to do this. I think people underestimate how much bias there is for tall men. The average height of fortune 500 CEOs is 6 ft. This is not just some statistical anomaly, being 6ft or taller doesnt just give you an advantage with women but in your career as well. Guys working in tech see this and they understand that making themselves over 6ft tall is a good move for their career and they are not wrong

  • AFourEyedGeek

    Why is he saying it is unnatural repeatedly? I want to know what surgery is natural? I hate the words natural, organic, artificial, or unnatural being thrown around as if automatically means it is a positive or negative thing. I am just going to adjust my natural glasses.

  • somenoobz

    As a 5’3 23M I honestly get it. Height is something that constantly gets talked about.
    Wanna try dating? Well you are gonna get blasted with “no short guys allowed”, “must be over x height”.
    Wanna try making friends or just engage in casual conversation? Get ready for a bunch of short jokes.
    For something that is absolutely out of someone’s control, it sure seems to be brought up negatively a lot. Especially on the internet where it seems like you can’t escape it.
    My height was such a problem that even my own mother offered to pay for this surgery for me because she thought that the better quality of life was worth the very steep financial (and physical) cost.
    Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love myself and have done the most with what I’ve been dealt with. I have a great career, great social life, keep myself in good shape, etc but it’s hard to say that there weren’t obstacles.

  • modestgorillaz

    If we are going to be okay with a woman getting fake tits to make her feel complete then who are we to deny the short individuals the opportunity for the same thing?

  • Hobo_Knife

    A childhood friend had this done over a series of years in the 90s with the big chonky halo ones. Except it was on one leg and in no way for vanity. I never got to see how it turned out. I hope you’re doing where ever you are Derek.

  • taavidude

    And more men are getting this surgery not to fix some kind of medical issue with their legs, but rather they get it for cosmetic reasons. And it’s all, because of how extremely hostile society is towards short men.

  • mpworth

    I’m quite short, 5’3 about, and I’ve really never cared that much. The only time I notice my height is when someone mentions it. It’s a good life, it’s easier to fit in tight places, plenty of leg room on the plane. Live longer, less money spent on soap, sunscreen, bug spray, all kinds of stuff. I don’t think you could pay me to undergo this surgery. Maybe if you paid me millions, I would do it for the sake of my family, but it would be a sacrifice—not a plus.

  • Pineapplefree

    A lot of the people that ridicule the ones getting the surgery are probably part of ther eason why they felt compelled to get it in the first place.

  • ElBurritoExtreme

    As a man that is 5’7”, I have had plenty of women in the past that wouldn’t engage with me as a prospective partner simply because I was as tall as I am. It doesn’t bother me, I just move on.

    But that’s me.

    For some of these folks, who’s height has been a genuine detriment to their self esteem and the like, this is a godsend for those people.

  • judohart

    In 1999 my pediatrician had mentioned this to my mom, I had no idea it was legally done in the USA ever. Im a short dude but thankfully the height never affected my quality of life (unless I gotta reach a high shelf at target)

  • dani619

    for any guys out there who suffers really bad from being short and thinks about doing this surgery or killing themselves, just move to an asian country, you will have a better life there.

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