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Cyd Charisse & Gene Kelly – The Broadway Melody Ballet

I just watched Singin’ in the Rain for the first time and was absolutely struck by this scene.
In the dvd comentary Cyd Charisse calls this “the Crazy Veil”

She says the rans used to billow the veil were used to create waves in ocean scenes, and that they were difficult to walk into. Multiple fans were used and angled to have the veil match the music.

Absolutely beautiful dreamy scene. It is like a painting.

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  • IHaveSlysdexia

    Another fun fact from the dvd comentary is that Cyd had recently had a baby, a few weeks before the scene. She says she had to work out and lose weight in preparation.

  • CarCrashRhetoric

    sorry to gene kelly because it is very beautiful but this is my least favorite part of the film

    it interrupts the flow and doesn’t feel like it belongs with the rest of the movie

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