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Cyberpunk is still largely a broken and empty game, by giving it a second chance just because of the anime, you are normalizing devs breaking promises as long as they “make up for it” with tie-in media

Cyberpunk is still largely a broken and empty game, by giving it a second chance just because of the anime, you are normalizing devs breaking promises as long as they “make up for it” with tie-in media

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  • jacojerb

    If people enjoy the media, who are you to tell them they shouldn’t? If they like it despite being “largely a broken and empty game”, then what’s the problem?

  • Neville_Lynwood

    It wasn’t really broken even at launch. I had a blast back then and an even biggest blast now.

    Open World games always have been and probably will continue to be somewhat “empty” for a while. Procedurally generated questing and points of interest is still very underdeveloped, and no developer on the planet has enough time and resources to handcraft everything.

    Like even a success like Witcher 3 was basically full of copy pasted points of interest with no actual content.

    That’s just the limitation of going Open World. And no game that exists has solved the issue. Best they can do is fill the zones with a bunch of respawning enemies in the hopes it distracts players enough and makes them feel like there’s “content”.

  • Flying_DutchmanXP

    I’m all in for bullying CDPR until the end of their lives for the lies and bullshit they’ve willingly sold us, but shifting blame to the consumer is something that might go a bit too far…

  • ZawanShin87

    Devs break promises all the time

    Either due to time, money or technology most games can’t be delivered as promised after 8 years in development

  • pipboy_warrior

    I’ve yet to play it, how broken and empty is the game with the latest patches? Have you played it recently? Personally I think any broken game that gets enough fixes and/or lowers the price enough deserves a second chance on those merits, last I checked the game is selling for only $30 on PC.

  • pukkapaks

    Played it a year ago and it was a great experience so I think it’s good that people can recognize it as a good game even if it is not what was promised.
    It’s only sad that it could have been even better and have had meaningful openworld content instead of the generic stuff it got.

  • gamer_since_monday

    People liked the game long before anime. Patch 1.5 brought a lot of people back.

    I’m sorry but you will have to deal with your suffering alone.

  • Goldisaur

    It’s not broken. I played it from launch on pc and only experienced two small bugs. The game has so much to offer, and if a working police system is something you really want, play GTAV. People seem to want to make it their job to shit on the game instead of being able to appreciate all that’s good about it. 75 hours and counting here.

  • weekeend_warrior

    yeah people tend to bend over backwards for game studios as soon as they fix one of the 1000 mistakes. Its pathetic and supports bad games.

  • ZeroBrs-

    It’s like fastfood as long as some unsavory fellow wants to shovel McDonald’s into their faces they’re gonna keep making McDonald’s and not care about the quality just take a look at halo infinite.
    There are plenty of examples and you can be a cyberpunk fanboy all you want but it doesn’t make the game what it was supposed to be. And just because you like McDonald’s doesn’t make it gourmet it’s low quality garbage. Video games haven’t gotten more difficult to make infact they’re cheaper to make nowadays you can make all the excuses you want for the devs but thats all they are is excuses back then 15+ years ago they made solutions not excuses in the industry.

  • Teufelssitz

    So it’s not ok that I and many others have played and enjoyed Cyberpunk a great deal? I loved my first playthrough, in fact.

    I don’t really care about these “promises”. I’m not a shareholder or crowdfunder. They made the best game they could in the window they gave themselves, and it underdelivered in many areas. But was it worth the measly £10 I paid for my copy following the backlash?? That and some more.

    I’d understand your outrage a little bit more if you were actually entitled to something, like you were a funder or something. But as it stands – just, you know, don’t buy it?

  • SmilingTeeth1

    Huh? Why can’t I give it a second chance? The game is far from empty and is no longer broken. Objectively it’s in a much better state than launch and is far from broken or empty. The game has fixed literally thousands of bugs and issues on top of adding new content and the base game is still incredible. Literally all of those points in the image are in the game as well.

    The game is a very mature rpg, with a good story with multiple branches through it and multiple endings. The game has very detailed class/character building options with enough build variety to keep you interested for multiple playthroughs and there is an absolute shit ton of weapons and gear to use. The only point they did not deliver on was the last point, but as they continue updating the game with new content and fixing issues it grows closer and closer to hitting that mark as well.

    People aren’t just playing cyberpunk again because of the anime, they just dropped new content into the game and people are eager to see what’s new and how things are improved.

    If you don’t like the game cool, just don’t fucking lecture others on what they can or can’t do with their own free time.

  • TheHylianProphet

    Jfc dude, get over it. Yes, the game was broken at launch. Yes, it was overhyped and underdelivered. But they’ve worked to fix a lot of that in the past few years. It won’t ever be the exact game they claimed it would, but if you get past the initial debacle and just play the game for what it is, then you have a pretty decent experience, with compelling characters and a good story.

    You don’t want to spend your money on it? Fine, that’s your business. Pressuring others to do the same makes you an asshole. I enjoyed Cyberpunk. And I won’t have you shame me for that.

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