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Cruel Summer | Season 2 Trailer | Freeform

Cruel Summer | Season 2 Trailer | Freeform

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  • smesch83

    the trailer looks too much like “generic guilty pleasure” so I would not want to watch that based on the trailer alone, BUT…

    I loved season 1, I trust the team, and I LOVE the concept of the show:

    come for the mystery and the “who is lying? what REALLY happened?” gimmick.

    stay for: female friendships, female solidarity and lots of “look what a shitshow it is to be a girl and deal with pressure, roles and expectations”. I’m a big fan.

  • SuspendedInKarmaMama

    It was insane watching this show boom in popularity.

    I went on the subreddit the day after the show premiered and there were only three posts with no engagement, was a bit disappointed since it was pretty good. Did the same the day after the finale and the episode thread alone had thousands of comments.

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