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Crazy downhill biking race, can’t believe I ended up watching all 40 mins

Crazy downhill biking race, can’t believe I ended up watching all 40 mins

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  • AssPennies

    I knew a dude that loved downhill riding in rough terrain. In the skiing off season, the ski slopes would open up for mountain cyclists to ride.

    One time he biffed it just wrong, that he got compound fractures of the ulna/radius bones in both arms.

    He got up and found a rock to sit on. The EMTs got to him and they were like “hey bud, you need to lie down, you’re in shock”. And the friend was like “no I’m not”. They took his vitals and everything, and indeed he was not in shock. Carted him off the the hospital.

    Toughest guy I’ve ever known.

  • WeWhoEattheSun

    I watched one of the Megavalanch videos somewhere around 2016 or so. Towards the end of the video the riders back break had given out entirely, and the front on barely worked. Someone in the comments who claimed to have participated said that a lot of riders essentially write off the bikes they use in this race, because it tends to destroy them.

    Anyhow, it’s just secondhand hearsay, but after watching some of these videos I can believe it.

  • Tpmcg

    i would ride very slow at the very back. surely, all the maniacs will have crashed by the time I cross the finish line. slow and steady wins the race.

  • Keycest

    God damn, it’s pretty depressing to see how little snow there is at the beginning now. It used to be a huge glacier you rode down for half the thing, now it’s like patchy slushy melt that hardly anyone can ride through.

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