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Core memory unlocked.

Core memory unlocked.

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  • Adiwik

    I have a memory of a game where you had to catch ferries in the woods and it was sort of in this style but had a lot less in graphics because it was one of those old 8-in floppies but I can never seem to remember what it was…

  • ColonelOfSka

    When we first got a computer in the mid-90s this game came on it. My sister and I played it obsessively. I beat it once and thought I was a god.

    The computer lab at my elementary school had another game in the series. You were in a school at night and had a flashlight. One kid got bored playing it and put some magnets on the screen because he heard it made the screen look funny. He completely fucking destroyed the monitor and was suspended and had to do 40 hours of community service. Same kid also showed me his dick in a shed. He was fucked up

  • NaturalNines

    Didn’t this game have some really great piano music on it, like hall of the mountain king or some shit like that? It’s so damn long ago…

  • musical_hog

    This game has been in my memory since the mid-90s. I remember playing this on school computers, but I could not remember the name of it for the life of me. What a satisfying feeling to finally have the answer!

  • cashibonite

    Does anybody remember clue finders specifically the one with the lost amulet and a parallel dimension I am trying to find a way of playing it again for nostalgia sakes.

  • gummby8

    Treasure mountain

    You can play it for free on old dos game sites.

    Every time you beat it you get a random trophy toy that goes on a shelf. I never filled the trophy shelves 100% in the end. There are so many toys, and you are not guaranteed a unique reward. I got so many duplicates.

    My brother an I would play this game for hours as kids

  • UnscrupulousCabbages

    I love when people post screenshots of old PC games and like op says, literally unlocks memories from my childhood I thought were gone

  • TimidEngineer

    Played this along with Operation Neptune and Ancient Empires obsessively. Loved collecting all the treasures you could display in the treasure rooms.

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