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Clifton Bridge

Clifton Bridge

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  • Chineapple-Punk

    There’s also a lethal looking, natural rock face slide just down from where that photo is taken. The kids absolutely love sliding down it.

  • EugeneHartke

    A little bit of history about the bridge.

    There’s no real need for it. There’s a perfectly good crossing point just a mile away. It was built purely for aesthetic purposes.

    The design of the bridge was an open competition. Some of the entries were mad. Brunel won with the only design brave enough to place the towers on either side of the gorge. His original design was decorated with Egyptian style structures but by the time the bridge was built this fade was out of fashion.

    Plenty of people have jumped off the bridge. One survived when her petticoat acted as a parachute and she landed in soft mud. She went on to live a long life.

    A few planes have flown under the bridge with a some disasters.

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