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Class photo, Missouri rural school in the 1920′s. Many bare feet.

Class photo, Missouri rural school in the 1920′s. Many bare feet.

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  • ricardo9505

    Little Rascals was really on point. If this was the roaring 20s imagine the great Depression of the 1930s coming to your town. I’ve seen many photos of my native NYC and Jersey with long food lines, no food in the fridge, Irish discrimination.

  • Alexkyahta

    These are the children who would grow up working hard every day of their lives and who would go through such difficult times and still save their farms and feed the folks in the surrounding commnities.

  • UsedToBsmart

    I live in Missouri and honestly if it weren’t for the fact there are more charities helping out today, this pic wouldn’t look much different in many rural communities.

  • DisastrousSyllabub6

    Shoes and drawers weren’t always affordable back then. The main concern was to cover your body. Life has changed so much in last one hundred years.

  • doppleganger_

    When I was in primary school in the 1960s my mother made me wear shoes to school but I took them off and put them in my bag because I was the only one in class who wore them.
    That sort of shit would get you beaten up

  • Led_Zeppole_73

    Mom was the oldest of 12 growing up on the farm in Michigan. They wore flour sack underwear and stood in warm cow pies to warm their feet before school. Smoked corn-cob pipes at 12. Love hearing the stories.

  • bollocksgrenade

    My school in the North Shore of Oahu started requiring kids to wear shoes to school in 1998. Everyone hated the new rule.

  • oneuniquething

    Every girl in a dress, with the same haircut. Every boy in overalls, with a wide variety of hairstyles. And yes, absence of apparent joy. Looks like hard times. My mom was born in ’39, wore flour sack dresses and went barefoot much of the time. My grandparents came from Oklahoma to California during the dustbowl with next to nothing. Sometimes hard times last a long time.

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