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Chris Hitchens didn’t believe Waterboarding should be considered torture and was willing to demonstrate it on camera.

Chris Hitchens didn’t believe Waterboarding should be considered torture and was willing to demonstrate it on camera.

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  • DrLeftCrRight

    I’m honestly very surprised that he lasted more than one shot of water. I can’t remember the details, but there was a radio show where one of the hosts was saying it must not be that bad, and the other two hosts argued with him, so they had someone come in and waterboard the disbelieving host. He immediately, immediately asked them to stop, and I’ve honestly never heard someone so panicked.

    I was in the Marine Corps, and my instructor at combat school had what you might call a PTSD attack related to his time in Iraq, and the radio host I mentioned sounded more panicked than that. That first interview stayed with me so much that watching this video made me nervous knowing secondhand how bad it was.

  • Ishaan863

    respect for walking the walk though. Changed his mind.

    2022 mfs would genuinely go to war to have the footage deleted, then go on stream and say they went through it just fine

  • SirCarboy

    I wish our culture was more open to, and celebratory of, people changing their mind. Especially in circumstances like this where they were willing to experience something.

  • BMCarbaugh

    Every single politician who supported this during the Bush administration should have had to undergo. Every one. Anyone who refused should have been publicly mocked for being a chickenshit hypocrite every time they opened their mouth.

    The fact that we did this and worse to people, many of them without ever bringing any charges against them, for years, makes me hate this country so much. We deserve all the shame and global humiliation coming to us in the next half century.

  • Toby_O_Notoby

    It’s interesting that he said in the post interview that he’d give you the information you wanted quite quickly but what if you didn’t have it? Reminds me of a quote from Burn Notice who had actual ex-spies on the writing staff as advisors:

    >Torture is like going grocery shopping with a flamethrower, it doesn’t help you in getting what you want and just leaves a huge mess behind. Because torture doesn’t get you the truth, it gets you whatever answer they think will make the pain stop.

  • Kirome

    He manned up unlike Sean Hannity who still hasn’t tried it. Don’t know why he’s so afraid considering it’s ‘not’ torture according to him.

  • Namika

    Fun fact, anyone can experiance this in the comfort of their own home!

    Just take a small hand towel into the shower with you. Turn on the shower as normal, put the towel across your face, and then face the shower.

    It only takes a second or so before you will feel the panic and need to stop. It’s incredible just how effective and “low tech” this form of horror is.

  • Iminurcomputer

    [“You hear about it and you hear people say it’s bad and you think, those people probably have a vagina. But I don’t have a vagina! As God as my witness that was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my entire li- Wait a minute! I’ve actually drowned before. Literally drowned. I was clinically dead from drowning…”](

  • SteveHeaves

    Reminds me of an old favorite joke:

    “Waterboarding in Guantanamo Bay sounds delightful if you have no idea what either of those things are.”

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