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Cheese for Everyone!

Cheese for Everyone!

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  • ChiefSlapaHoe117

    Are you trying to say my level 76 stealth archer with fully enchanted nightingale armour and backpack full of dragon bones, ingots and potions im saving for later build is boring!?!?!? How dare you sir.

  • Hairymerman

    Oblivion had this neat mechanic where people in the cities would know that I was the hero of kvatch.

    Skyrim now, I’m walking around outfitted in a dragon’s corpse and get arrested for petty theft.

  • solblade89

    Didn’t realize this was a hot take but I LOVE Oblivion and think it’s the best of the 3! I love Skyrim as well but I could not really get into Morrowind.

  • mctrollythefirst

    I love oblivion. Level up acrobatics and you can jump over buildings. And best thing whit it is all the colors. So green and lush and not 50 shades of gray like in skyrim.

  • NagstertheGangster

    I just re-beat oblivion after I lost my harddrive data from years ago.

    Made a mage, called him Magic Johnson and just specced for the first time into all magic. Was a fun playthrough and my end goal was to make some super dope spells by getting as much magicka as possible.

    50 hours well spent.

  • Zaynara

    Shivering Isles is still one of my all time fav expansions, ESO needs to go into more daedric princes lands, i want to go back to the shivering isles there

  • HotShame9

    Skyrim started amazing and kept going, i love every hour of my 3k hours of gameplay of it.

    Problem with morrowind is that you can barely replay it, and oblivion is great to come back to from time to time.

  • UnderThat

    I remember getting oblivion and having 6 full weeks to play it because of an operation (I’m fine thank you) and it was unbelievable. I remember wishing that I could look at my guys face, and every so often my dudes face would flash up on the screen!!! After far too long I realised you could press the left thumb stick down and rotate the camera around in 3rd person. It was a game changer. Made me take character creation far more seriously in future.

  • Codmando

    Oblivion is my favorite of the 3. I still enjoy going back to it where Skyrim was fun the first time and average the second.

  • Bayne-the-Wild-Heart

    I will forever remember Oblivion, and hold it in a special place in my heart.

    It was the reason I got an Xbox 360, and I remember telling my mum I wanted a game where I could be an “elf thief”.

    Somehow she stumbled across Oblivion, and I remember how excited I was when she told me “it’s so detailed, you can break into peoples houses, and steal their cutlery!”

    Amazing game.

  • hotmaildotcom1

    Oblivion is fantastic. I’m sure Morrowind would be better if you weren’t sO SloW. Skyrim definitely in third place of the three.

  • Anangrywookiee

    Excuse me, within a minute walk from the starting town in morrowind a wood elf randomly falls out of the sky in front of you carrying scrolls that you give you the ability to leap about a mile into the air temporarily (without giving you any immunity to fall damage.)

  • lsquallhart

    I have tried so many times to get into Morrowind and I just can’t. Everything is so tedious, you walk so slow, and the graphics are just … rough.

    Most fans I know say it’s the best Elder Scrolls game, but I’ve tried a few times to love it and just doesn’t work for me. Maybe I need to mod
    the game to enjoy it.

  • nationalhipster

    I’ve only ever played Skyrim. I just got the new Xbox, and 6 months of game pass, which includes Morrowind and Oblivion. Are they worth a play?

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