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Checked out the Cliffs of Moher today.

Checked out the Cliffs of Moher today.

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  • good_guy112

    I took this exact photo in 2006. Photos don’t do it justice, I’m definitely going to look up drone footage from here if they allow it.

    It so so high up. Makes you think that anywhere could just drop into the ocean one day.

  • saucyy8

    I saw a decently large rock slide there a couple years ago… was very neat to see it (tho scared the shit outta me in the moment)

  • socool111

    Two things Came to mind immediately

    First: cliffs of insanity (re:top comment)

    Second: the opening guitar riff to cliffs of Dover

  • dyslexicsuntied

    Went there with my family when I was 10. My mom still tells the story of how before my parents could do anything I instantly sprinted over to the edge and got down on my stomach to look over! You can also see a small building in the distance, I think that’s what I’m seeing. My dad and I walked from roughly where you are down to that building and back. We didn’t initially realize it was going to take double the straight line distance with all the ins and outs of the coastline. By the time we got back my mom was ready to call the police thinking for sure we had fallen off the edge.

  • IRErover

    Did you make it down to Hag’s Head and Mohr Tower (pictured here)? Zoom.

    There was almost nobody down there and an incredible sight line from the point.

    There no way any picture can ever to these any good. You feel like you’re standing above the clouds

  • FapDonkey

    Did you get the obligatory photo where you lay down on you belly.near the precipice and reach your arms out to grab the cliff’s edge, and rotate the camera so it looks like your hanging vertically from the cliff edge?

    If not, I assume you are not a dad, nor did you have one in attendance. Otherwise you would have gotten that photo (pretty sure an Irish national law requires that, same section that requires the ‘friendly’ old man at Blarney Castle to cop a quick feel as he assists you in leaning back to kiss The Stone).

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