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Chainsaw Man | English Dub Trailer

Chainsaw Man | English Dub Trailer

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  • Nihilismisanthrope

    “13 years ago, there was a devastating attack involving guns in America”. And 12 years ago, and 11, etc. etc. all the way up to, what, last week?

    Premise feels flawed, is what I’m saying.

  • APiousCultist

    Why does every line of dialogue sound like it was recorded in a cardboard box? I really hope this isn’t some fake-binaural nonsense that the audio mixers are convinced actually sounds good and not like shit.

    Also that ‘terrorist attack involving Guns in America’ sounds incredibly awkward and they should definitely have found a way to workshop that into something more natural sounding. “Terrorist mass shooting in America” or “Mass shooting by terrorists in America” for example.

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