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Carl Sagan’s original COSMOS now on YouTube

Carl Sagan’s original COSMOS now on YouTube

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  • yadj

    This is huge news- it was on YouTube a decade ago but has been noticeably missing for several years (besides that bootlegged Spanish one iykyk). Thank you so much for letting us know!!!!!!

  • kingburrito

    Thank you! I read the book over summer after having watched the first one of these years ago… planned on watching them all afterwards but couldn’t find them.

  • GotMoFans

    I came up in Memphis during a time where Memphis hip-hop evolved into its own unique style. Many of the acts from Memphis’s underground rap scene made music that has many similarities to the rap sound that is popular globally today. One of those innovators was Triple Six Mafia, which gained its national fame as Three 6 Mafia. They released mixtape after mixtape that my peers loved and I thought sounded simplistic, repetitious, and had very low sound quality. As time went on, the leads of 3 6 DJ Paul and Juicy J produced more and more music and their skill improved. Eventually, they made some songs I liked. One of their affiliated acts was Project Pat. Project Pat had songs I was always ashamed to admit I liked; the kind of misogynistic songs that I should have denounced, but damn if they weren’t catchy. Project Pat had a third album that was being released right as he got caught up in the Federal justice system and was being imprison on a firearm charge. The lead single from that album was the most amazing beat that the team of DJ Paul and Juicy J had ever concocted. I don’t know how to describe it, but it had this almost synth bell like sound. It was different than anything that had ever done. I wondered where they got the beat. I think they had difficulty determining how to edit the song for radio because they had several different titles; “Make that thang clap” was the radio version… but the song was called “Make that Azz Clap.”

    I didn’t figure out the sample until…

    I’m watching original Cosmos (on PBS I believe). As Carl Sagan is speaking in a way only he can, the music comes in backing his monologue. And oh my god, it’s the music they used on “Make that Azz Clap.” I’m sitting watching thinking, “Three 6 Mafia took the beat for Azz Clap from a Carl Sagan documentary!” I was mind blown.

    I later found out the song was Vangelis’s Alpha.

    But “Make that Azz Clap” will forever be the Cosmos song to me.

  • belizeanheat

    Nice, can finally watch this again.

    Hats off to Tyson for trying to revive it but his version is trash compared to the original.

  • reb678

    Thank you for posting this. Cosmos is one of the best things I have ever watched. Carl Sagan’s ability to explain complex ideas in simple terms is amazing. We really need another Carl Sagan.

  • Avachiel

    For everyone who misses Carl Sagan:

    His son Nick Sagan, who’s voice is on Voyager saying, “Hello from the children of Earth” is a Science Fiction writer.

    Nick Sagan wrote Idlewild, Edenborn, and Everfree. He dedicated Everfree to his father after his death.

    If you like science fiction and reading please do yourself the favor of picking up Idlewild and starting there.


    This should be required viewing for everyone on Earth… or at the very least, for those who hold power in government and industry.

  • mattman65

    Looking forward to this…does anyone remember a program on at the same time called Connections? Trying to find that as well

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