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can this game please not be left in the dust and actually get 1 or 2 or several prizes?

can this game please not be left in the dust and actually get 1 or 2 or several prizes?

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    This was still my biggest surprise “wow this is fun” game this year so far. I rarely stick to one game at a time these days and I beat this within a few nights I think

  • henningknows

    This is the best game Microsoft has put out this generation. But I don’t see it winning many awards, this year is too packed with great games.

  • Aggressive-Pay-5670

    It’s wild how excellent this game is. And I have absolutely no confidence in it getting the praise it deserves long-term because it’s an Xbox exclusive.

  • Next_Marionberry_745

    I can see it being nominated for best audio design, best soundtrack, best art direction and best action game. If it will win any of those? We have to wait, competition is hard

  • SadLaser

    No. Too many far superior games this year. Probably legitimately 7-8 games that deserve GOTY and top awards in almost any given category. And this isn’t one of them. Not a diss on the game, just this year has been total fire.


    It’s funny if you think about why people were surprised by the success of the game.

    People complained that devs don’t make games like they used to. so devs made a game like they used to. And then people liked the game because it feels like how old games used to. The formula was so simple that nobody believed how effective it was

  • CharityDiary

    It’s an alright game. Way overrated, though. If it hadn’t shadow dropped on Game Pass during a big show, it would be sitting deep in the store with 4 user reviews right now. Just one of those things, right place right time. Not anything that should win awards though, at least imho.

  • dtv20

    Why though? Sure it’s fun but it doesn’t really do anything better than other games that have released this year.

    Best music is its strongest category and Baldurs Gate 3 H’s some great songs.

  • zetcetera

    Game will live on as a cult classic. I played through it on a MacBook Pro via XCloud thanks to $1 Gamepass trial ‘cause I don’t have an Xbox or gaming PC. The visuals and presentation were outstanding, my biggest qualms were with the gameplay. Still, it felt like a PS2 era game in a way that’s been sorely missed. Probably not in my personal top 10 this year ‘cause this years been so stacked but great game

  • calex-xor

    I loved it but this has been an incredible year for game release. Add it to the fact that stylish action doesn’t really get the same amount of attention like RPGs and FPS ones means it’s got a high hill to climb.

    Hope it does though.

  • MrRictus2151

    I think it’ll get nominated for Art and Audio categories, but as far as winning that’s a hard one to say. Honestly I think it has the best chance to win Art Direction. GOTY and potentially even Soundtrack are looking very Baldur’s Gate 3-y

  • ChanceFray

    great game ? yes. GOTY material with this years competition.. ehh


    I had a friggin blast with it at first and kept looking for the magic for several hours, It just dosn’t hold out after the honeymoon phase.

  • ChaosDragon1999

    The game awards are pretty much bullshit, almost as much as the Oscars tbh. I only tune into it to see the new game announcements etc. it’s just a popularity contest and as sad as it is, photorealistic triple A is the name of the game. They can’t even get their game genres right, I couldn’t believe they put Sifu in fighting games lmao

  • Macknificent101

    i got this game on release just for my pc to be unable to run it 🙁

    then i upgraded my PC, but haven’t gotten again yet. need a couple more upgrades i think, notably i need a new motherboard.

  • eldwinddnd

    This is my GOTY, the game that reignited my passion for video games, honest 10/10 and I’ve never even really enjoyed this genre

  • maxsteel126

    Fabulous game. I have bought it recently for Xbox X and it’s refreshing to play. The 2D graphics are something we need in current time. Though I suck at beat and parry but enjoying it so far

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