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Can i get some criticism for my video?

Can i get some criticism for my video?

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  • kekkokalvex

    I’ve been kinda editing on and off for a long time, the only input i every really get is my friends, and i just feel like theres more i can do, but i also dont want to degrade the content into just memes every second because everyones braindead. i want to get better at kindof staging the storyline of a video, finding better music for moments, etc, but overall just let me know what you think, and what i can work on and how.

  • Korbo

    Just my two cents:

    Your audio was pretty bad. I had to check my settings to see if it was me. Flicking from game to browser to desktop, was jarring. Game selection was wack. Had no idea you were trying to tell a story. There is no doubt, that you could do better in these areas.

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