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But for me, it was Tuesday.

But for me, it was Tuesday.

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  • Honda_TypeR

    Ming-Na Wen is so young in this movie.

    I am sure everyone knows, but for those that don’t this is Fennec Shand from Disney’s Boba Fett series and it’s also Melinda May from the tv show Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (it’s also the voice of Mulan from the movie of the same eponym)

  • JackFisherBooks

    I remember this movie. I also remember playing Street Fighter II for hours on end back in the day. While the movie itself was pretty awful, this one scene was still the best and most memorable. Everyone else who saw the movie couldn’t remember anything else about it. But they did remember this scene.

  • tocilog

    Thinking about it, it’s really cool how the characters eventually end up with their respective iconic costumes. Like Chun-Li’s costume wouldn’t have made sense otherwise.

  • Yserbius

    I think it’s hilarious that a combination of translation errors, legal issues, and transcription disconnects made it so far and is taken so seriously.

    When *Street Fighter II* first came out in Japan, the main bad guy was named Vega and the boxer character was named “Mike Bison”. Before translating it to English, they realized that Mike Tyson may take issue with his name being used, so the boxer became the nonsensical “M. Bison”. But due to some miscommunication, several characters had their names swapped, so that M. Bison became Balrog, Balrog became Vega, and Vega became M. Bison.

    And that weird, nonsense name became so iconic, Academy Award winning *Kiss of the Spider Woman* actor played a character with that name completely straight.

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