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British Highschoolers Try Biscuits and Gravy for the First Time!

British Highschoolers Try Biscuits and Gravy for the First Time!

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  • thedrizztman

    These kids are infectious. I’m glad they went in with an open mind too. Always glad to see ‘good ole’ Southern comfort food’ put a smile on someone’s face. ‘Bout to go make me some B&G myself.

  • illmatic2112

    I actually enjoy they show some interaction with the hosts, and they were quippy sometimes too. The brits man.

  • ThatDarnScat

    This is absolutely delightful.

    I am a bit a disappointed in the “fried chicken” that they have them. I would LOVE to see their reaction over proper cast iron skillet pan fried chicken (thighs and legs). I have a feeling they would lose their minds.

  • iwouldhugwonderwoman

    That was a really cool video.

    As a southerner, now we just need to get them to try some boiled peanuts!

  • Finallyjoining

    I’m a Canadian in my 30s and I haven’t tried biscuits and gravy.. I finally had chicken and waffles for the first time last year.

  • sigaven

    I tried biscuits and gravy this past weekend for the very first time. How have i been missing out on this for 31 years?

  • cthulhu39

    First generation American here whose dad is from Yorkshire, the joy these lads are having eating this for the first time was exactly my reaction to eating this for the first time, “it’s amazing”

  • carolinethebandgeek

    This is Jolly/Korean Englishman on YouTube. To be honest if you love these school kids you have to watch their videos of showing older boys korean foods. They have an entire series of having them try korean foods and then they ACTUALLY GO TO KOREA with all of them. It’s amazing and the boys are such gentleman. I love both channels and watch them regularly

  • UriJo22

    As a Filipino, when I first tried biscuits and gravy I was a bit put off at first sight. But once I tried it I loved it! To this day biscuits and gravy are my absolute favorite American breakfast dish. I recently traveled to Portland Oregon and ate at a place called Pine State Biscuits. The Reggie Deluxe is 💗

  • YutBrosim

    I’ll never forget my British friend saying “oh yes please!” while at my house when my mom asked if anyone would like a biscuit at dinner and the subsequent confusion on his face when he got an American biscuit

  • Comfortable_Drive793

    I stopped drinking sweetened iced tea because I can’t drink it without thinking of Wilford Brimley talking about diabeetus medical supplies in my head.

    I still drink a shitload of iced tea, but Splenda or not sweetened at all.

  • eyebrows360

    My disappointment when learning, many years later, that Wesley Snipes meant something else by “biscuits” than what I as a Brit understood the word to mean, in that Demolition Man scene, was immeasurable. Snipes goes from being absolutely insane (“*biscuits*?! with *gravy*!? wtf kind of lunatic is this man!?!”) to just someone who enjoys breakfast.

    Edit: my disappointment when discovering I’m the first person to bring up this reference in this thread: also immeasurable.

  • salami_cheeks

    This biscuits & gravy wasn’t even properly served. You have to split the biscuits and pour the gravy over the split middles. The gravy soaks into the bread while the outsides of the biscuit remain a little crunchy. A range of textures.

    And if you want to raise the stakes, butter the biscuits before you top with gravy. Or go butter, fried egg (one on each biscuit half), then gravy. Serve with a side of bacon and syrup and a steaming cup of coffee with sugar, cream, and two shots of Irish whiskey.

    A small dish of mixed fruit on the side will absolve you of all these sins.

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