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British guy crashes.

British guy crashes.

British guy crashes.

British guy crashes.
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  • Krhl12

    Just to pre-empt the usual questions when this is posted.

    The guy who runs over wasn’t to blame, but the POV driver didn’t realise at the time. The guy who WAS to blame was overtaking before a blind summit, so couldn’t have seen Mr POV coming. His conscience got the better of him and he returned some 10 minutes later ~~whence~~ * whereupon he was questioned by the police and charged appropriately.

    There is a longer version of this video here:

    Edit: he was doing 55mph in a National Speed Limit zone which on this road is 60mph.

    *Yeah alright fair enough

  • Klutzy-Chain5875

    This Brit is the coolest dude and gentleman since ages. Give this man an award, a medal or an Oscar . Or let him present Topgear. He is up to it !

  • ncfears

    Actual props to the crashed dude being so calm that he could take the opportunity to try to calm the other driver who was obviously beginning to panic

    Edit: drover… Whoops.

  • spunkloaf

    The control that these men have though. In America, it’s completely normal to act like an ape and lose your mind. And everybody does it so often that we’re all so numb to it. Because being expected to act like anything else is somehow an assault on our freedumbs, and seeing anybody act like these two is seen as weakness…but apes are cool.

  • Flight_to_nowhere_26

    I love British sensibility in emergencies. I once had a British passenger in my cabin who, during deplaning, slipped on a safety information card that had been inadvertently dropped in the aisle by another passenger. He fell backwards and landed on an armrest, shattering the hard plastic with his bum. The first words out of his mouth as he lay on the floor was “I’m terribly sorry for the trouble. It seems I lost my footing.” He said he wasn’t hurt, but I had to convince him to file an injury report just in case his spill ended up causing issues later. He was completely gobsmacked that anyone would sue over an accident. He obviously hadn’t been in the US for very long!

  • ProgenGP1

    I’m British, I lost control of my first car when I hit an oil spill on the road at night, the car spun 180°, so I ended going backwards at 40mph for about 100 yards before I hit a ditch, while I was going backwards all I said was “oh for fuck sake” surprisingly calmly

    The car survived the crash and only needed 2 new tyres, the wheels re-aligned and some duct tape on the rear bumper, it was a Toyota Celica, seriously, Toyota make some rock solid cars

  • thejuanwelove

    Ive said it before but nobody does understatement as the english, and frankly its a great quality to have. As a latin person we all go bananas over nothing, we kill each other over nothing, so its hard for me not to admire this way of handling things, so mature and manly.

    Everybody could learn a couple of things from the brits (not conquering though, they did enough of that)

  • FblthpLives

    Many questions answered in the longer version on YouTube:

    > Thanks to the Lancashire Police Force for their quick response and professionalism in dealing with this incident.

    > Thanks to the other drivers and witnesses involved for doing such a good job of looking after everyone and blocking off the road affected to prevent further problems. People in the nearby white house on the right hand side of the road even made me a cup of tea which was very nice of them.

    > My car was left in the middle of the road on it’s side, totally written off. It was lifted away within 2 hours.

    > I believe the incident was caused by the driver of the blue BMW 3 series on the wrong side of the road who was overtaking uphill towards a blind summit at speed. He didn’t have enough visibility to be sure overtaking was safe.

    > When he saw me coming towards him I believe he accelerated to make it past the other car instead of braking and falling behind. This is why I had to brake hard – I could see the speed at which the collision would occur was increasing and the amount of time I had to get past decreasing as he accelerated towards me.

    > The blue BMW driver came back to the scene of the incident 10 mins later and the police got his details so there was no real hit and run.

    > The driver on camera at the end was in the car on the correct side of the road. I can only assume he was apologising because he’s British and not because he was necessarily at fault, legally speaking. I was trying to avoid any possibility of road rage when talking to him while in shock myself so come out with some odd sounding stuff. Fair play to everyone for handling things so well. There was no road rage.

    > This is a national speed limit road meaning you can travel at up to and including 60mph where appropriate. I was doing 55mph before I encountered any problems. The combined collision speed would have been over 110mph if we’d collided head on. Bouncing off the drystone wall instead probably saved everyone involved. There were at least 2 passengers in the blue BMW though I was driving alone in mine.

    > And yes I’m aware that a combined collision speed of 110mph means that each car experiences half that in terms of total deceleration (No need to point it out again just because you saw that one mythbusters episode). The fact remains that combined collision speed is a relevant variable because without that combined collision speed of 110 each car wouldn’t get to experience 55mph worth of deceleration. There are relatively few objects you can hit while driving that will bring you to a complete stop. A head on collision with another car is one of them. It also affects time until impact. The less than totally solid drystone wall didn’t even bring me to a complete stop meaning that it was greatly preferable to hit than instead of the oncoming traffic.

    > There is usually a parked car down that hill and in the first 0.5 seconds I thought the overtaking car was overtaking the parked car and not performing a dangerous overtake up a blind hill. Then it looked as if I’d have time to get past. Then I realised that the overtaking car was accelerating towards me at speed. I over steered left because when I applied the breaks the car started skidding to the right. It’s easy to look back at the video and think about what you could have done differently but no driver should put others in a situation where advanced driving skills are required just to stay safely out of their way.

    > I walked away with some whiplash and muscular injuries (badly strained left arm) and a cut elbow. I was very lucky to walk away from this one.

    > No penalty points on my license – still clean. The police are handling things regarding the blue BMW driver.

    > When the accident occurred I had been driving for two and a half years. This was my first car.

    > Incident occurred on 01/06/2016 at roughly 15:45 on a national speed limit country road leading down into Lancaster, UK.

    > I was wearing the camera coincidentally that day because I was testing new settings on the Xiaomi Yi.


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