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Brave Iranian protestor girl, today. Be our voice.

Brave Iranian protestor girl, today. Be our voice.

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  • khashayaar

    Iranian people have started protests all over Iran after the murder of #mahsa_amini by the Iranian police because she “was not wearing hijab properly”.
    People are trying to defeat the dictatorship regime. Be our voice.

    It is very likely that in a few days our internet will be cut down by the regime so they can continue their murders with no repercussions.

    The only reason that it has not been shut sown yet, is that the president of the regime, Ebrahim Raeesi is visiting New York for the UN aseembely and they do not want him to be questioned while he is there.

  • khashayaar

    Quote from /u/OnlyTennis6991 who explains the situation much better than me.

    “A 22 year old young woman was murdered in Tehran, Iran by the morality police, when she was beaten up after she was arrested. She was arrested because some strings of her hair were out of the scarf or hijab. She was transferred to hospital while she did not have any vital signs.

    The government initially tried to cover up the whole thing and stated the she had some initial heart condition and diabetes, which it has been proven a pure lie.

    After couple of days she was dead. These events has triggered a series of protests in multiple cities and provinces in Iran.

    The Iranian people now clashing with the Islamic Republic government targeting the regime itself. The government forces are fighting people with live amo, high pressure water and shut guns.”

  • FunDog2016

    Rosa Parks is clapping for this young woman! You go girl – don’t let little men tell you how to live.

    American Women….you seeing this? Take a lesson! Republicans will be having thier own religious police force soon, if given the chance. Stop them before the zealots can do any more damage in the name of religion!

  • einemnes

    First, whoever pixelated this picture, well done, it helps to avoid the beasts out there to seek for guilts or vengeance.

    Second, I’m from Spain and TV is talking basically 0 about this subject, makes me think governments had a kind of agreement to hide this in order to keep things as they are. I really hope there is this change in the culture of Arab countries, always under the yoke of (totalitarian) religion. But I’m afraid this event will stay as a *small* event with some detentions and that’s all, everything will stay the same as always.

    Again I really hope these actions are the beginning of a new path to religion-free society. Best of luck to all women and men helping this movement.

  • panorambo

    Old men telling everyone else what to do, in the name of “order and stability”. A more tired trope hasn’t existed through history, and I fear will exist for a while longer before we collectively truly learn one of the probably most important lessons in the history of our civilization. If it’s Putin channelling his insanity into puppeteering Russia down a flight of stairs to proverbial hell, in the name of “progress and prosperity”, or whether it’s the ruling elite of Iranian male clerics so rigid and dry you could use them for absorbing excess moisture in the air — it follows the same destructive spiral, always and every time, dragging a lot of innocent people with it. Why can’t these maniacs see something that doesn’t work, before it has to kick their teeth in? Must be some perverted manifestation of the good old survival trait, the “I will make it work” resolve. A natural drive gone completely overboard. It’s damn near an endemic disease, made worse by the disproportionately large aftermath it creates every time it flares up.

  • Y_Deadman_N

    Please search #mahsaamini on instagrams also check “1500tasvir” page on instagram This page is posting what is going on all over iran. People are in streets beaten up in some states police is using guns against people! Please be our voice

    if you don’t have instagram check r/iran
    If you didn’t get update from us know that government cut our internet

  • Xeludon

    “tHe hIjAb iSn’T oPpResSiVe!”

    That’s funny, because the hijab is never once uttered in the Q’uran, and is an entirely new concept created in 1981.

    In the Q’uran, the only thing it says even remotely close is “women *and men* must dress modestly” (paraphrasing) that’s basically all it says, that both men and women must dress modestly.

    Hiding their hair and body under headscarves wasn’t mandatory until 1981, and has nothing to do with Islam, it was created by Islamic extremists.

  • Weedylira753

    Persians and Persian culture has nothing to do with the oppressive Islamic rules.

    Islam is relative new to the long and glorious history of Persia.

  • ramen_nmu

    If you don’t hear from us anymore,we want you to know that the government cut off the internet and we can’t send our voice to the world..

  • alfeijoo

    I hope all the good guys in your country will also support it.

    Must be nicer to be equal and come together with women too, than surrounded by a bunch of aggressive angry men.

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