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Bill Burr on Women Sports

Bill Burr on Women Sports

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  • TheChrono

    Great job for ComedyCalamity on TikTok for posting a classic stand-up bit onto TikTok so that someone could put it on youtube and post it to Reddit.

    You’re doing so much for us.

  • -Toshi

    Who the fuck Gen Z’d this video?

    Quick cuts; Because God forbid you have to suffer a momentary pause. You may get bored in that nano second and go to the next video.

  • handsumlee

    I used to think the same way as Bill about pay and then I listened to a story on NPR and it turns out that REALLY the women want the same % of the profits that men get. Because yeah womens sport doesn’t earn the same as male sport and that is why they don’t make the same big bucks. But what they really want is the same piece of the pie and the issue has been distorted.

    EDIT: here is the NPR story [](

    I see I got downvoted a bunch, not sure why everything I put up was true

  • redfive5tandingby

    Who the hell transcribed these subtitles? There were at least half a dozen really glaring typos… or just writing words that Bill wasn’t saying. What is this trash system is social media of taking content and re-exporting it with the worst possible aspect ratio, watermark, and subtitles? Is there really a market for copying people’s homework in the worst possible format?

  • ___jeffrey___

    Spitting facts. TV money listens and they shoot it at what a certain demographic wants to see. For women in general that is not sports. Stop blaming men for that, its even money from mens leagues thats used to fund women leagues…its just that women dont want to go to a sports stadium nor watch it on TV (again…in general)

  • Hairy_Popcorn

    This is a terribly edited video. Both visually and content. Who the hell cuts comedy like that. Timing exists for a reason.

    Edit: please stop upvoting this comment and this post. Its disgusting.

  • ComfortableJellyfish

    Bill is amazing at saying the most controversial sounding shit in a way that makes you go ‘ya…that makes a lot of sense’

  • Patruck9

    I know this is from a special, but half of this thread is exactly why Bill Burr makes you lock your phone in a pouch at his shows.

  • Untinted

    I find it fascinating how comedians often have an interesting philosophical argument layered in subversive language to make it funny.

    Bill has a redneck/’Murica way of talking about stuff, but there’s an interesting nugget there that is a solid piece of argument.

    Professional sports is about as pure in its form of capitalism in regards to monetization, especially the ones already with big audiences, so the nugget of truth is that women aren’t either supporting the women sports, or their ability to monetize it isn’t there.

    It’s probably a more complex problem though, but I wouldn’t be surprised that it’s just a problem with gender culture as well as difficulty in getting something new to be big, rather than some nefarious ill-will towards women.

  • SurgeDad

    If women want women to get paid more for playing sports, then women can go start buying tickets to sporting events and become fans of women’s sports. Women can start wearing jerseys or branded pieces of clothing supporting their teams. Women can start fantasy leagues. They can do so many things but they don’t. They expect men to do that, too.

  • twoquarters

    I went to a random WNBA game in Las Vegas recently and arena was packed. They went hard on production values too. Level of play was a lot better than I had anticipated. Would go again.

  • yet_another_cat

    Aye, money talks, though I do like to see Barcelona and Lyon women play football. Also tennis and athletics. But yeah, women need to turn out to this shit too — pity there aren’t more lesbians, given how they like to play football so much.

  • HungryLikeDaW0lf

    I love this video because at the beginning I was like “well, I guess Bill will be cancelled now”. By the end I was like “yeah! He’s 100% right!”

  • Threat-Level--12am

    Well I’ll just say that if I want to watch a competitive US soccer team, I’m probably not watching the men’s team.

  • chaddgar

    If the women are good enough to compete with the men, they’d be on the same team with men. The NBA doesn’t explicitly ban women. If there are women that can play like Shaq, bring ‘em on!


    The problem with women’s sports is this. They try to sell it for what it isn’t.

    If I’m watching women’s baseball, please don’t tell me that the women are equal to someone who’s throwing 100 mph heaters. They’re not. However, it’s still as entertaining to see a woman who is throwing a 75 mph heater strike someone out. Or the woman realizes she’s not as strong, so she learns how to throw knuckleballs, splitters, and screwballs, and is still entertaining.

    Same thing with women’s hockey. We all know she’s not going to have a 90 mile per hour slap shot. It’s probably going to max out at 65. But seeing that girl brawl is entertaining in itself.

    It’s the same reason why people watch high School sports. They know they’re not watching the best, but they know they’re watching players do what they can with what they have.

    I don’t watch women’s sports, and expect to see the best competitors. I watch women’s sports and I expect to see the best in their class competing.


    Whenever I see a comedy set but it’s tiktok I immediately turn it off because I know it’ll have the worst cuts you’ve ever seen. Comedy has pacing, it’s not about just cramming as much shit as you can say in as little time as possible to get a message across.

  • Courseheir

    I asked my girlfriend to name 5 WNBA players, she came up with:

    1) The one that was in Russian jail

    2) Juwana Man

    3) The one she sees when I play NBA 2K

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