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Best Selling PC Games by Year

Best Selling PC Games by Year

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  • Romulus_1994

    6M sales in 1993? When adjusted for inflation that probably means that the game actually sold around 10M units. Impressive!

  • thunderchild120

    Myst gets all the publicity but Riven is where it’s at, dude. Practically photorealistic (for 1997 pre-rendering tech), way more immersion and worldbuilding.

    Best game in the series, also the hardest.

  • Synner1985

    Am i the only one who started to fell REALLY fucking old the further down the picture you went thinking “Oh i remember that game!” ??

  • lec0rsaire

    This shows the proliferation of PC gaming over the past decade.

    Just to put this in perspective it took 2 years for Half-Life 2 to sell 600,000 copies in the US. Similar story with Doom 3 and keep in mind that there was a truly massive amount of hype behind them.

  • migzeh

    i cant believe diablo 3 is 10 years old wtf.

    also did arma 3 become the number 1 seller solely due to day z?

    pubg really was something special even if it was janky as fuck and i cant go back to it.

    i wonder where theme hospital fit into all this. And half life2

  • OokamiKurogane

    Maybe I’m wrong but this is kind of a strange dataset visual. It doesn’t necessarily represent the number of game sales per year, instead it appears to me that the chart lists the year the game came out, and the sales of copies over the course of the games life, to-date.

    The way the chart is labeled though, it appears to imply those games got those number of sales in the year listed, which would likely be untrue.

  • dbcanuck

    this list is insanely stupid.

    its PC exclusive titles only; post 2005 most AAA titles are x-platform

    it only includes verified sales #s. there’s private developers who don’t disclose sales.

    it doesn’t include expansions.

  • Chromtastisch

    Okay this graphic is just made up. No way Minecraft or GTA5 (2016) didn’t sell less than like 5 million copies in 2014 or 2016


    Sorry OP, but this list is 100% wrong. The data was pulled from Wikipedia article on pc games that sold over a million copies. If you read that article. it’s void of many huge franchises. GTA, Half Life, Doom, Battlefield, COD, and Mass Effect were all missing. Those are just what came to mind. All of those unquestionably have titles that sold over a million copies on PC.

    The article is incomplete. It’s a list of games that sold over a million copies, but not every game that’s sold over a million copies. To that point, it’s 100% useless in determining the best selling game in a given year.

    Also, it takes into account lifetime sales, not sales for release year. So those sales figures wouldn’t mean it was the best selling game in a given year even if the article did have every game.

    The chart above is complete nonsense.

    Edit: was this chart made by HP? Why? And how are they not smart enough to figure this out?

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