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Ben Smith — Shut Out [Indie Rock/Folk] (2023)

Ben Smith — Shut Out [Indie Rock/Folk] (2023)

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    Sudbury/Suffolk’s Busking Singer-Songwriter Rocker Ben is back with a highly anticipated new single named ‘Shut Out’. This is his follow up to the January release ‘Stuck in a Maze’.

    Centred around themes of Positivity, Perseverance and Self Belief, ‘Shut Out’ tackles the subject of lacking self esteem with a positive outlook. Known for his Rock Vocals and lively sound, ‘Shut Out’ – produced by renowned music producer Steve Loveday at Loveday Music Services, this single does not disappoint with a modern, positive sound.

    Ben has built up a supportive community and fanbase through the global live-streaming platform ‘Twitch’. Now known online for his popular live streams of Street Performing in his hometown of Sudbury, he has funded this release through the support of his online community.

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