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Been sick for the past 3 weeks and finally gave it a try. Found my new favorite game!

Been sick for the past 3 weeks and finally gave it a try. Found my new favorite game!

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  • Pyronic_Chaos

    No no no OP, you can’t express good feelings towards CP2077, only hate.

    Glad you enjoyed it, I had a blast with it right after release. Waiting until I forget most plot points so I can replay it (and hopefully have some dlc by then).

  • throwmeaway021093

    I still believe that a multiplayer mode where you could just freeroam the city and kill some bad guys or do procedurally generated side activities like “steal this” “kill them” would have been a TON of fun. I still remember the days CDPR talked about multiplayer.. well, guess we’ll never see it.

  • jojo1901

    I can only agree!

    Despite the very rough start of the Games release it is one of the Games I invested the most time into.

    I very much enjoyed Cyberpunk

  • its_brew

    Am considering buying it on the ps store now that I own a ps5 and it’s currently half price…. but I still dont know. It definitely looks great though

  • Critical-Ad-7094

    I recently decided to give it another try (PS4, bought at release, played it and couldn’t get into it and it was so buggy)
    Now, I’m really digging it. It’s a fun game, the story is interesting but it’s not mind blowing. It’s good but not amazing.

    It’s like Skyrim, such an enjoyable experience and I keep getting lost doing sidequests and gigs to the detriment of the main story.

    For me the game has become a bit easy since buying Gorilla Arms. But I need to get through the main story!

  • Janks_McSchlagg

    Nice! I bought it on launch on basic Xbox One and it was a disaster. I powered through the main story, got the worst ending and thought it was hot garbage. I recently decided to give the PS5 version a shot on the 1.5 patch and what a difference. It looks awesome, they fixed a lot of the problems and I actually took my time building out my character and doing all the side quests. Reading up on the lore etc makes it even more enjoyable. My second playthrough has been like night and day. It’s now one of my fav games of all time! Makes me really happy to see a lot of others are having the same experience! Despite its imperfections, it’s the first rpg I’ve gotten this invested in.

  • DippyFreshon420

    I played the free cyberpunk demo and got bored from all the dialogue and the detective replay mission and one where you have to guide a robot through a hotel. That’s just my personal experience though I’m glad you’re enjoying it and I hope you get well.

  • Exlibro

    I am so demotivated to play this game… I want to. Just have no mental energy.
    Is it possible to just do main story and maybe side quests? I’m tired of endless open world games where you have infinite question marks on maps to explore…

  • dedWest

    I know it’s only a minor gripe, but I hate these posts with a random screenshot of something that doesnt state what game it’s actually from

  • _Davinci-

    I keep hearing this now that it’s doing so well. But I played a bit and it just seemed shallow, like there’s story missions and some side stuff slapped in there. But the world felt dead. Has that changed in the last like 3 or 4 months? Cars has weird shitty preset patterns they were driving. People would De spawn or just just walk in weird janky ass ways. Nothing felt alive in the city

    Also all the starting story missions basically converge in the first like 10 minutes

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