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Bay Area Teen Reverses Effects of Pesticides on Bees

Bay Area Teen Reverses Effects of Pesticides on Bees

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  • guynamedjames

    Anytime there’s a video claiming a “teen” solved some major issue that’s been plaguing the world, it’s bullshit. Why even bother watching just to try and figure out why it’s bullshit?

  • A40

    Yeah, no. It’s a great ‘science fair’ project, really: statewide award level, and I hope she goes on to PhD research, but she didn’t “Reverse the Effects of Pesticides on Bees.” She addressed *some* effects. And it might not be scaleable.

  • Its_Nitsua

    ITT: Armchair scientists roasting a kid who has a keen interest in STEM.

    Any interest in science by kids should be encouraged, not broken down and turned into ‘meh not even that cool and I’ll tell you why’. So many of the youth across the globe are losing interest in academics, the few that are going out of their way to move into that field shouldn’t be made to feel that their achievements aren’t actually achievements.

    If she’s going to university, she will learn that science is hard and criticism is a part of the process, she doesn’t need to learn from a condescending reddit thread.

  • Goof512

    Caffeine is incredibly dangerous for honeybees, and will kill them in the near term. This is bullshit.

    I keep bees (around 20-30 hives) and I’ve had several die after someone threw a coke out onto our lawn. The bees got the sugar sure, but every hive on that side of the property died soon after. I studied some of the literature, and the effects of caffeine on both workers and the queen are incredibly damaging.

    It’s not surprising, being that caffeine was evolved in many plants as a way to prevent their consumption.

  • AccomplishedJuice775

    What a lot of people don’t realize when it comes to these competitive science competitions is that the students get an enormous amount of help and handholding and a lot of them don’t do the research on their own. Many pair up with grad students at their local university, research lab, or get enormous help from their parents. 99% percent of the projects you see at science competitions were not developed by the students and they did not miraculously come up with the idea. Unfortunately, due to how competitive the college application space has become many students use these science competitions as fodder for their college application and don’t really care.

  • One_for_each_of_you

    There are several polyphenols in teas. Any tests that narrowed it down some, and also avoided caffeine? What made anyone think that exposing bees to tea polyphenols would affect their memory, and why Arent these effects tested separately from the effect of caffeine? This is a cool experiment for a teen, but the headline is pretty sensational. Can’t it just be a neat middle school science experiment without it being falsely heralded as a solution to colony collapse?

  • MaDpYrO

    These kid projects with wildly misleading claims are getting fucking old.

    Especially when often they just copied some obscure paper, or by pure coincidence have a parent who is an expert in the field. Curious, huh?

  • Wasabicannon

    God dam, this 7th grader science project “Here is how we save the bees!”

    Me as a 7th grader science project. “Baking Soda + Vinegar = cheap volcano”

  • SomeBodybuilder7910

    Ok, um. She’s well-spoken and I approve of her endevours, and I hate to be critical… but I can’t help it, it’s who I am.

    How many bees did she study? Was it double-blind? What was the hypothesis? Did she even know that the bees tested were affected by pesticides?

    The results doesn’t seem to support the conclusion “could save millions of bees”. Save? Needs a lot more to be able to make that claim.

    Well suppose it does save them.. is that good? So then we can continue to use the pesticides indiscriminately as long as we dose the bees with tea and coffe??

    Anyway, it’s great that kids want to do science. It’s awesome. But let’s not hype stuff up too much, ok?

  • melikesreddit

    “Teenager’s parents, in an attempt to ensure their kid gets into a highly competitive university, do a science project for them to get positive publicity”

  • Fiyanggu

    This kid is remarkably well spoken for a Jr. high school student. I think she’s amazing for having done this type of work for a science project at that age. And I’m sure she’ll go on to do more great science in the future.

    I also LMAO at all of you who are throwing shade at this kid and her hard work. If she wasn’t a white adjacent and was of the right demographic, all you simpering idiots would be falling over yourselves lauding her achievement. As it is, people are supporting racially based limits on white adjacents at Ivy league as well as public universities. Because, muh diversities. You’re all pitiful and deserve incompetent surgeons, planes that fall out of the skies and hobbled AI because you push diversities over competence. It’s a shame that the rest of society will have to live and die with the same.

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