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Battle Royale: Hidden Gem that Inspired Hunger Games

Battle Royale: Hidden Gem that Inspired Hunger Games

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  • chunkydancer

    Not only is it not exactly a hidden gem, it didn’t inspire hunger games either. The two are absolutely similar in premise, but that’s about it. Suzanne Collins had not known of Battle Royale until she had already finished writing Hunger Games.

  • goteamnick

    Battle Royale is definitely not a hidden gem. It’s one of the most famous Japanese movies of all time.

    But this subgenre of people hunting other people as a competition isn’t new. There’s variations of it dating back as far as the 1930s, or maybe older.

  • n00bvin

    Every single person I know, knows this movie. It’s probably one of the biggest Japanese movies of all time. Everyone keeps telling you this in the comments, but you just ignore it. So, you’re wrong with this “hidden gem” bullshit. It’s a great movie, you don’t have to act like you have some hidden insight.

  • bullybullybully

    Not to pile on, but no this is far from hidden. Maybe people who only are aware of American blockbusters don’t know it, but it is very well known among people who have even a passing interest in film. In college it was shown pretty often in the background at parties and screened a few times on campus. Tarantino talked about it A LOT when Kill Bill came out. Big Japanese film.

  • damthesehigheels

    I like the concept that , if all my friends and family haven’t sent it, it’s a hidden gem. I have quite a few friends and family who haven’t seen Star Wars… by this logic… hidden gem.

  • Enzo2SantosGoal

    Just to pile on but thinking battle Royale is a hidden gem is nuts. This movie has an outrageous cult following and is wildly famous. The dollar store version aka hunger games is obviously the more mainstream one but battle Royale is far from being a hidden gem

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