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BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths | Official Trailer | Netflix

BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  • mrnicegy26

    This wasn’t recieved well at all with the festival crowds and the critics in the past few weeks. Quite divisive leaning towards negative reviews and unfavorable comparisons to 81/2

  • animeking1074

    Despite the negative reactions from the fall festival circuit, I’m excited for this. Mainly becuase it feels like *8 1/2* by Fellini and partially *The Tree of Life.* I enjoy directors making critiques about their showmanship and experimentation.

  • wubbbalubbadubdub

    From the people that brought you birdman.

    Oh I didn’t really like that much but this seems interesting so far.

    Also the people who brought you the revenant.

    Oh… I didn’t like that either, I guess this isn’t for me.

  • Suspicious-Rip920

    So they pans labyrinthed the trailer by not mentioning it’s a Spanish language movie and playing I am the walrus over a sizzle reel of disconnected, but well photographed, images that seem investing. Looks good but idk if it’s good marketing for this film

  • child_of_lightning

    Looks like a movie that would’ve blown peoples’ minds and rocked the world about 25 years ago. A parody of pretentious filmmaking would look similar.


    I’ll probably watch it.

  • MrEnvelope93

    The film is pretty controversial here in Mexico for it was filmed during the height of the pandemic with little to no regard towards precautions (look at those crowded scenes and compare to other recent pandemic films).

    Also the production received plenty of flack from extras in Mexican Twitter because they were forced to stand all day without bathroom or lunch breaks until Iñárritu got the “perfect shot”; some say people ended up wetting their pants.

  • Intelligent_jacuzzi

    Haven’t watched the trailer yet, but I’m totally struck by the name already. Bardo, the state of existence intermediate between two lives on earth. According to Tibetan tradition, after death and before one’s next birth, when one’s consciousness is not connected with a physical body, one experiences a variety of phenomena.

    Edit: holy fuck, this is samadhi level shit my bros

  • HouseCravenRaw

    This seems to be a handful of beautiful nonsense. I have no idea what kind of plot this might follow. It seems to be largely a surreal mash of… stuff.

    I am intrigued.

  • stracki

    I actually really like the trailer. This film looks truly massive. Despite the bad reviews, I’m probably going to check it out just because of this trailer.

  • OldBobbyPeru

    I find it somewhat absurd that this film was shot on 65mm film and then wrecked with that stupid fisheye camera. We aren’t fish, why do we have to look at a film in this manner? For me, at least, it ruined The Favourite, but that film was not that great anyway. Nothing says ‘pretentious twaddle’ more than using that idiot lens.

    And all that for a film that will likely never play in a theater other than the left and right coasts for about a week. Then, it gets shipped off to Netflix. <sigh>

    How much of the budget got eaten for the license to the Beatles song? Love that tune, but that had to cost major dollars. Sir Paul and Sir Yoko charge huge premium prices for sync licenses. This kind of crap is why Netflix keeps raising their prices.

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