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Back to school shopping at a mall in 1996 [Hot Topic, Payless Shoes, PacSun]

Back to school shopping at a mall in 1996 [Hot Topic, Payless Shoes, PacSun]

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  • Taco_In_Space

    Is this before they became the edge lord store or was that always? My mall didn’t have a hot topic until around 2001

  • Mythosaurus

    Not a cell phone in sight, just people living in the moment!

    Edit: /s for people who don’t realize it’s a joke about people who lived before the age of cell phones

  • bicameral_mind

    This dude has tons of these videos on youtube. What is his story, was he just into cinema verite filmmaking, or did he work for a news station filming B-roll footage or something?

  • loztriforce

    Don’t get me wrong, overall, I’m very, VERY happy that I lived through childhood before the age of social media/the smartphone, but sometimes I do think it would’ve been cool to have had the ability to take snapshots of life like this more often.

  • __Hello_my_name_is__

    It’s funny how you can tell the average age of people on a website by what kind of nostalgia videos they upvote.

  • ODBasUcansee

    In the 90’s to the 00’s school shopping was a big deal for my family. When I was younger I would have to go with my mom. Around middle school my parents would take us to the mall, hand us $300 and told us to go our on our own. They said we could spend it however we want, but that’s it clothes wise (outside of Christmas/birthdays).

    I would get a ton of stuff for cheap (Pacsun and Zumiez had solid clearance stuff). One year my sister went to Buckle and dropped most of her money on jeans.

    That photo brings me back.

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