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Average price for a new ps5 game is about 65$

Average price for a new ps5 game is about 65$

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  • Zedd2087

    I think the bigger issue is the people who are getting that extra money, If it was going back to the people developing the games I wouldn’t have much of an issue.

  • Moglorosh

    I paid $70 for Earthbound in 1994, which is the equivalent of ~$130 today. Most other SNES games debuted at $50-60.

    AAA titles today cost cost $60-70, and there’s a plethora of indie titles that are excellent and cost half that or less.

    Gaming today is cheaper than it has ever been.

  • bbrbro

    No. This is not the case.

    They raised prices on you because you expected prices to rise with other goods.

    The cost of a video game in the 90s was 50-60$ and has remained 50-60$ for nearly 2 decades while production got bigger and more expensive.

    Prices didn’t go up due to demanding better games.

  • ReverBeliever

    That equation would make sense, if the playerbase had the same size 10 years ago. Fact is, videogames are way more popular now and big AAA developers are selling bigger amounts of copies these days. Bigger studious and more development time is not the problem. These poor developers aren’t even treated well. Inflation is the only reason why I would accept bigger prices for games.

  • Tamoketh

    **Top 5 NES games per units sold (with the top 3 being packaged with NES consoles at some points):**
    Super Mario Bros. – 40.24 million
    Duck Hunt – 28.31 million
    Super Mario Bros. 3 – 18 million
    Tetris – 8 million
    Super Mario Bros. 2 (international version) – 7.46 million

    **Top 5 Switch games per units sold:**
    Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 37.74 million
    Animal Crossing: New Horizon – 34.85 million
    Super Smash Bros Ultimate – 25.71 million
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – 24.13 million
    Pokemon Sword and Shield – 22.64 million

    It takes going to #14 of the top Switch games to get to a lower amount of units sold than the #3 NES game (and first that was not packaged in with the console).

    So sure, while costs to create have gone up, cost of everything has gone up, access to tools and ease of creation has also gone up. Think about what it took for a new developer to create a brand new NES game compared to now where anyone can download Unreal Engine or the Unity Engine and basically throw together a game. Hell, go on various storefronts and look at some of the cheapest games sold to see the kind of crap that people can toss together in an afternoon and throw on a store to make them money.

    I understand why people want to raise the base price of games, and if that was all they were doing I’d honestly be fine with it. But to have things like Pokemon Sword/Shield having “less” content on a console than past games did on handhelds and still justify costing more, or having games with have pre-order bonuses, season passes, battle passes, DLCs, Microtransactions, content that gets removed for no reason, base content being removed and kept to sell later, loot boxes, soon the onslaught of NFTs… With ALL the other methods games use to bleed money from gamers, I don’t see the increase of the base cost as justified.

    Probably an unpopular opinion, but that’s what mine is.

  • Morasain

    Games don’t need more people to develop. With engines already made, a lot of what took time way back when is dealt with already.

  • mmm273

    Yet there are many many more gamers so they are selling and have profits much bigger than in past.
    Yet they sell unoptimized broken games with microtransactions and cut content.

  • Dark-Ether

    People need to quit complaining about game prices, compared to everything else they have not went up hardly at all. Adjusted for inflation, a $50 game in the late 90s comes out to like $87 in todays dollars.

  • DockaDocka

    This isn’t accurate. Plenty of games come out for less still. $65-70 is the top end I’ll pay for a game that gets no support requires multiple patches to fix day one and zero continuing game support.

    If I want it I’ll wait 6 months – a year and get it for 20-30$

  • Capable_Towel381

    Lol haha yeah those poor billion dollar companies NEED to charge more or they won’t be able to afford to make these games that make them billions of dollars. Don’t simp for corporations.

  • BodieIsAGoodDog

    I don’t understand how prices have “gone up”.

    SNES and n64 games were historically like 60$. Given inflation and fact that there is more content in games these days, you are getting more for less. games in 90s and 00s would cost like 80-100$ now.

  • Stu_Luvs_U

    It’s cute you think that money goes to devs. They are paid a salary by their company. They don’t see a thin dime extra from retail going up.

  • pirate135246

    Can we stop with this “games need to look better” shit. Games have looked insane for awhile now but have gotten stale and boring. Gameplay is 100x more important than graphic fidelity and the industry has been thinking the opposite for years now.

  • Radiant-Coast6699

    I think 70$ is totally fair with inflation they should be actually closer to 90. Let alone the fact that games back in the 90s would well over 100$ today.

  • Rochemusic1

    Actually game prices have gone down. Have yall ever noticed that they have relatively increased with inflation, or been under the bar for what they were from previous consoles. NES game costed at least $60 in today’s world, N64 was about $65 today, SNES about $80-$90 today.

  • Ffsletmesignin

    I honestly don’t care if they raised the prices, it makes sense after all.

    But to raise prices, add micro transactions, and then ship half-completed games? Nah, find me in the aftermarket and I’ll buy your game a year later at half price when it’s actually patched and playable.

  • Tarc_Axiiom

    The hell?

    1. Nobody really said games need to be “bigger”. I’m not the only one who’s sick of these massive “open worlds” that are more barren than the actual Barrens.

    2. The size of the team is not parallel to the quality of the game. The best game I’ve played this week is called “Ready or Not” and the team that made it is at most 9 people.

    3. It’s not the price hike alone we’re bothered by, it’s the price hike combined with releases like Cyberpunk, like 2042, *and* ridiculous microtransaction saturation, and “Season Passes”, and now fucking NFTs apparently too?

    Nah. The problem here is AAA game publishers (I said *publishers*) treat gamers like dogshit and want to nickel and dime us to death.

    That’s the problem.

  • outland_king

    I might buy this if the sales figures didn’t grow at the same rate, or if the games were not full of mtx, or if the game wasnt partitioned into season passes or micro DLC, or if games were not released with more bugs each iteration.

    The bigger issue is that companies objectively make MORE money in mtx than games without them, yet somehow have the gall to complain about baseline prices being too low. Genshin is an extreme example but it’s a FREE game, $0 to purchase and it’s one of the most profitable games of all time. So unless your game comes out with 0 mtx, you have no leg to stand on about needing higher base pricing.

  • Helldiver-xzoen

    The industry has more money than it ever has, and yet more and more new AAA games are objectively awful. Look at the insane bonuses / salaries that are given to CEOs like Bobby Kotick, and then tell me that extra money is going to game development.

    Cause at the moment seems like games are releasing horrifically unfinished. Meanwhile insane microtransactions, preorder bonuses, season passes, and special editions are everywhere (also; get ready for NFTs). The initial price of a game is just the start.

  • Fibrizzo

    You forgot about the battle pass, cosmetics store, day 1 DLC, and monthly subscriptions.

    Not to mention most games are sold digitally so no manufacturing, shipping, or retail costs to distribute to customers.

    They’re making more money than they ever did you dont need to shed tears for them. The fact that those record breaking profits are rarely shared with the developers is the shame here.

    The increase in box price is likely an indication that microtransactions have been pushed to the limit and further monetization hasn’t been as profitable as they hoped. So, they can squeeze an extra 500 million out of a successful AAA release by simply charging 5-10 more dollars per unit.

  • obrisko

    I’d be happy to pay more for games because that’s how the economy works but I’m only gonna be willing to do that once games actually come out finished working and have care and thought behind them

  • LoanSurviver101

    For good games that actually took time and the company put effort, price going up is fair. For companies like EA that make the same rehashed garbage every year or cod games, they don’t deserve a price hike.

  • RedScope53

    But games aren’t bigger and better looking but the price still goes up. Infact, most games are pretty much the same as the previous title, say change the Russian bad guys to Chinese or change the grassland map to a snow map, and suddenly it’s a different game.

  • -Albi

    If you account for inflation, video game prices have actually gone down over the years. The average retail price of a snes game in 1991 ($55) adjusted for inflation would cost about $112 today.

  • alex99x99x

    I just wait a year for a game to go on sale for half the price.

    Was able to pick up cyberpunk for $20 on pc and it was a good purchase for $20.

  • lebob01

    The standard game price is no longer $60 for a long time.
    With all the dif “editions”, microtransactions, DLCs, …etc…
    The $60 you paid in the first place is only the arbitrary price tag, game companies cut the full game into pieces then sell it to you. $60 now is the entry fee, not the full game.

  • donglified

    It’s not the issue that they’re expensive, it’s that they’re expensive while also not delivering on what was expected or promised to buyers.

  • lurowene

    No one gives a fuck about graphics when your game is bad, the performance is bad, and the game isn’t fun. Graphics is a nice addition to a good game but good graphics will never alone make a game good.

  • UnredeemedRevenant

    Pft. With the price of DLC? I’d be fine with increased prices if we stopped getting $50+ of DLC. Honestly it’s insane.

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