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Australia’s Deadliest Animals

Australia’s Deadliest Animals

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  • RogueViator

    That video would be a lot shorter had they just gone with Australian animals that were not deadly. That place even has a plant that is so painful animals and people have killed themselves (see Gympie Gympie Plant).

  • Cryten0

    Do you know the most deadly animal in Australia?



    The Cow. Causes the most deaths by animal or bug from people hitting a cow with their car. No recorded spider deaths since the 70’s. Lose someone to a shark every year or two. Crocs will get a tourist or two or even a local who ignore the signs. But Kangeroos and Cows being hit by cars are by far the largest killers. Most of the time its the cow who take the top spot.

    Oh and mr Blue Ringed? Only 3 ever recorded deaths. Box Jellyfish are a bit worse but only 70 in 140 years of records.

  • noobvin

    When I was in Rockhampton I was not aware of Fox Bats. They were HUGE. Me and a friend got in a cab and asked about them. The cabbie said, “Mate, you’re in the beef capital of Australia. These things feed off the cows. They’ll suck your blood dry in minutes. Sluuuuuurp.” We dumbass americans were TERRIFIED. I wonder how hard the cabbie laughed to his friends telling that story?

    Fox bats are HARMLESS. They eat fruit and shit. NOT cows.

  • WhiteLama

    The animation of the self hurting teen forming TX on the left arm is quite fitting in recent events, what with this video being 4 years old.

  • Avachiel

    I appreciate the sentiment, but are New Zealand’s laws the same?

    If they are.. I mean – that recent massacre was one of the worst.

  • Crispyio

    This is brilliant, it’s just a shame Australia doesn’t exist, I know this to be true, I lived there for a year!. Facts!!.

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