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Armed Criminals Hijack Cargo Truck At Gunpoint On Highway In Mexico

Armed Criminals Hijack Cargo Truck At Gunpoint On Highway In Mexico

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  • narcomappingmx

    This afternoon, armed criminals hijacked a cargo truck at gunpoint on the highway to Chichimequillas in the state of Queretaro. Highway theft is an increasingly frequent crime in Mexico.

    The dashboard video shows two large SUVs pull ahead of the truck to stop it. A man wave a firearm at the drivers as he leans out of the window.

    A camera inside the vehicle pointing at the drivers shows their shocked reaction, as they stop the vehicle, terrified. As the truck stops, five armed masked men get out of the two SUVs and point their weapons at the drivers. Breaking glass can be heard. The drivers put their hands up and surrender the vehicle.

    The inside camera shows two of the criminals enter and drive the truck away.

    In May, Queretaro news outlet Diario Rotativo reported that traversing this highway is dreaded by truck drivers due to the daily violent attacks by criminal groups. According to their article, criminals hijack vehicles, sometimes kidnapping the drivers, and steal the cargo. Sometimes, local police will even threaten and assault the drivers, demanding that they not report the hijackings.

    Highway theft and robbery of cargo is on the rise in Mexico. There have been 35,384 robberies on highways and streets in Mexico so this year, representing a 9% increase from the 32,433 robberies in the same period last year.

    Since 2020, two out of every three robberies of cargo in North America have taken place in Mexico. In June, there were almost 700 transportation robberies in Mexico, 23 a day.

    89% of this cargo theft occurs on highways, according to a report on cargo theft in Mexico by SafeLink, highlighting the shocking insecurity on the nation’s highway system.

    Highways are considered one of the most dangerous locations by Mexicans, with 60.1% answering that they feel unsafe on them, according to a recent government survey on citizen perceptions on security.

    Article from [Borderland Beat.](

  • DoomGoober

    “Bob, show them your gun!”

    “Look at my gun fools. Look it even shoots!” (Windshield shatters.)

    Under his breath… “Fuck Bob, why’d shoot the windshield? Now we have to sit in broken glass and drive on the freeway with no windshield. Fucking Bob.”

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