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Anyone else grow up playing this masterpiece?

Anyone else grow up playing this masterpiece?

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  • Dusheyo

    I literally found it in my pc like 2 days ago because 3 years ago I remembered this existed, so I installed it. So much memories man, especially how hard it was for me as a child that didn’t understand english

  • Serafiel0705

    Yes. On a PC with intel 90MH procesor. Beast! Lol.
    Also played a lot of Knights and Merchants and Railroad Tycoon. And of course Diablo 1 as my favourite Mage.

  • HorseyNight19

    I actually first learned about this game through one of those “unfitting music” videos on YouTube. Somebody used “Operator Plays a Little Ping Pong” over a looping clip of Patrick (Spongebob) with a plank on his forehead trying to enter a store.

  • Critical-Ad-7094

    My close mate and neighbour when growing up had this and loved it… but I couldn’t really get into it. Something about the claymation kinda spooked me. Looking back I can see its such a good game and mostly the artistry about it is sublime. The puzzles could be a little infuriating, not myst level infuriating, but still irked me nonetheless.

    Was there a sequel to this called Skull Monkeys?

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