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Ancient Apocalypse (2022) – Official Trailer releases on November 11.

Ancient Apocalypse (2022) – Official Trailer releases on November 11.

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  • TastyRegret

    This dude and his boyfriend Randall Carlson are a couple of conspiracy theorists who propagate exploit ancient architecture and artifacts into fantastical bullshit. They are far right pseudo junk sensationalists. No wonder they are regulars on joe rogan podcast

  • adzling

    Watched this show last night, what total tripe.

    If you’re interested in why ancient civilizations fail (and you should be) check out the excellent Fall Of Civilizations on youtube.

    Bonus: it’s accurate and reality [email protected]!

  • F1reatwill88

    Lmao over only seen a few interviews with this guy and he’s seemed passionate with a different take on some timelines..

    Yet every time I see something posted on him the comments make it sound like all he does is screech “jet fuel can’t melt steel beams”

    Looking forward to checking this out.

  • Juraviel23

    Some of his conclusions sound wacky( like thinking the ancient civilizations were as advanced as we are), but the foundation is built on solid mysteries. He’s not wrong that archeologists and egyptologists ignore clear evidence that their timeline on the start of civilization is straight up wrong.

  • CogitatorX

    Hancock is so full of shit but gullible pseudoscience believers have enabled his grift for years so why stop when it pays so well.

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