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American Born Chinese | Worlds Collide | Disney+

American Born Chinese | Worlds Collide | Disney+

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  • dravenonred

    I just love the idea of Michelle, Kuy, and Stephanie just being this modern day roving acting troupe moving from project to project.

  • therockethornet

    I thought this was gonna be pure drama based on the name alone. Been a huge fan of Michelle yeoh so definitely gonna watch

  • Lost_Hunter3601

    I’m a American born Chinese and Chinese really gotta stop with their boner for the monkey king and Jin yong/condor heroes shit. It’s always the same stuff just remade like every 5 years.

    Like imagine how American audiences have been kind of sick of MCU shit lately, the Chinese have been that with monkey king for like 40 years except they’ve remade iron man 10 times instead of different characters.

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