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AI “Anime” – An Insult to Life Itself (re: Corridor & Netflix)

AI “Anime” – An Insult to Life Itself (re: Corridor & Netflix)

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  • meandusandi

    The video has some good points, it could create some pressure to certain jobs/situations earlier on potentially. Some studios might test the waters with where they might be able to use the ai tools but the tools are way off from having the clients “happy” with the end result. I don’t pretend that these tools will inevitability increase in their abilities at an exponential rate but unless the ai is able to hit not only a clients viewpoints for direction but also able to iterate in such a fast pace that most clients requests (and to the insane accuracy that the clients want) it might take a bit more time before it’s widely used in the animation/movie industry.

  • No-Piccolo-3114

    you had me until “studying art”. humans can trace the same picture as Ai can. As Ai humans can make it there own. The issue is the same for humans or Ai stealing work that’s not their own.

  • jestagoon

    Feels a bit defensive to me.

    There’s definitely something to be said for AI putting people out of work and stealing people’s art, and we should address that, but on the whole I think having more tools to allow people to create things and express themselves is a good thing.

    The video was very well done. Solidly acted and directed. Holds up even if some of the art is jank.

    Saying it shouldn’t be considered art or not even considering where it can go in the future because a computer did it feels very gate keepy.

  • Siellus

    God this guy is such an insufferable fucking clown.

    Ignoring the fact that he talks with the same affliction as a 90’s anime character with all the loudness and exaggerated tones attributed to it.

    But also in the fact that he’s the quintessential weeaboo loser anime-puritan – As evident by the lavish collection of waifu figures in the background.

    He uses Joel Haver as an example of AI animation being done “far better” – and yet his entire prior point about why CD’s AI anime sucked was because all of the typical AI artifacts/glitches and jankyness being present. I’m sorry but, Really? No hate to Joel Haver obviously but his animations are LITTERED with jank. For one characters can’t turn their fucking heads without distorting to some black goopy mess. If anything – CD’s video is a guide specifically for people LIKE Joel Haver to make better quality animations without increasing expenses and manpower.

    Lastly, Was Corridor Digitals title “Did we just change animation forever” a bit cringey and clickbaity? Yeah. They should probably have gone with something else. Was the subject of the video abhorrent, thievery and a detriment to the sanctity of pure animation? No. Of course fucking not.

    Everything CD showed off and presented only really explores the current limits and potential of a new format that could be used by the wider individual and not an entire team of animators (Or even one extremely skilled and experienced animator, for that matter… because you know, Not everyone is a fucking animation veteran)

    This youtuber is the highest tier of pathetic cringe and should go back to whacking off over a body pillow.

  • strangeapple

    The Corridor Crew churn these videos at like one every week plus other weekly content so saying that “apparently spent months dialing in the settings on their AI” misses the entire point.

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