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Affordable Housing in 2022

Affordable Housing in 2022

Affordable Housing in 2022

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  • ChunkyElf

    Cute & cozy one floor living! Set in prime metro area. Fresh paint and updated kitchenette. This won’t last at 350k. Note: being sold as is. Inspection for buyers knowledge only. Hurry!!

  • ActiveFrontEnd

    I hate to tell you but tiny houses aren’t as cheap as you think. The problem is finding land that will allowing tiny house zoning. A remnant of redlining was once it was made illegal white neighborhoods needed to figure out how to keep blacks out. They quickly realized that blacks didn’t have a lot of wealth (due to being excluded from government loans) so they could only afford smaller square footage house. Zoning boards and HOAs figured this out and started making minimum sqft laws essentially making it so any incorporated land doesn’t allow below 1000sqft. So you have to either (1) find a very unique piece of land which has few restrictions, or (2) live way the fuck out in the middle of no where. Some places are trying to change but it isn’t going well. These added considerations make a tiny house not a very good investment.

    Source: lived in a tiny house as a family of 4 for 5 years.

  • KingChainsaw13

    The property you’ll need to buy to put them on will still cost you your life savings, soul, and firstborn child.

    Well, if you live in Oregon anyways.

  • 77entropy

    Honestly, I’d drop one of those on a bit of land in the middle of nowhere and hook it up off grid. That’s all I really want. Then just let the rest of the world burn for all I care. I’m really tired of living in a society.

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