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AC Unity has some cool takedown animations

AC Unity has some cool takedown animations

AC Unity has some cool takedown animations from gaming

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  • MrSquid_

    Not sure why Unity gets hated on so much. I played almost all “legacy” AC games, i.e the ones without the RPG redesign, and this one felt like a pretty decent note to finish the series with, in the sense that it incorporated most of the good mechanics, skills and weapons of past games.

    The story was as good as any in an AC, graphics wise it’s nothing to be ashamed of for its age. World design was pretty good, although the interiors (specifically the shortcuts to pass through buildings) get repetitive really fast. Long enough but not too long (yes I’m referring to Valhalla)…

    I honestly don’t know what more you could ask of an AC game back in the day.

  • Sairac25

    The pinnacle of the AC experience in my opinion, they finally made parkour intuitive, combat’s great, a lot of options in customization, I don’t know how much the co-op stands, but everything else is great, the bad launch really hurt the game

  • karna771

    Thinking about it, Unity was probably the last Ubisoft game ive really enjoyed. The game really blew me away back then in aspects like how satisfying and detailed was the parkour system, not only with beautiful animations but also how the game really rewarded you for mastering the parkour system and all its little details, it felt so good to see yourself get better at it and have your character move in the world in such a beautiful and cool way.

    Also the work that went into recreating the old Paris was insane, the world had such a level of detail in the architecture of the buildings on the outside, but also on the inside, there is so many buildings that still to this day look absolutely gorgeous

    Its kinda sad the game was released too early and was a mess full of bugs at launch, i feel like it ruined its reputation and made the general public see this game in a very bad way forever

  • kureiji_kyodai

    I’ve said this when it came out and I’ll stand by it till I die. Assassins creed unity is the best assassins creed game

  • lernedhermit

    I always enjoyed the AC series and how they developed their mechanics for combat systems. One of the best aspects of the game was the quick takedowns and their quick assassinations. Other games have long animated slow mo take downs which break up the game play and do not really provide a smooth streamlined in and out. I believe future game mechanics for next gen games should have incorporated AC combat styles in addition to their hack n slash or souls like. A combination of these in game combat styles will create such a great diversity within the game, especially approaching unknown enemies with their combat styles completely by surprise.

  • UndeadUndergarments

    It’s an unpopular opinion, but I vastly preferred this style of game as opposed to the Origins-onwards style.

    Yes, it was much easier, yes, and don’t get me wrong, I’ve had a *lot* of fun with the newer games, but nothing compares to the smooth fluidity of the fights and the feeling of being an unstoppable badass of the older titles.

  • djml9

    It only ever happened once for me, but in Revelations, Ezio did a sick ass takedown animation. He stabbed the guy through his mouth with a sword, and then smacked the sword, making it spin the guys head and breaking his neck.

  • Ubbermann

    If only this game had just a bit more time to fix its bugs and horrid optimization.

    With all these remasters, it’s Unity that would benefit the most from one. It’s unironically the last truly great TRUE Assassins creed game and the evolution of those games– that alas met a grizzly fate.

    Oh and all marketing hyper-focusing on coop didn’t help out too.

  • LmaoGoFaster

    Ok but that doesn’t justify the rest of the game. It’s just a juggle of animations. The plot is terrible and the combat feels janky as hell. Enemies can spot you in impossible positions, making casual stealth unplayable, and the game is just poorly optimized in general. The only selling points are the parkour and takedown animations.

  • lexsanders

    Ac unity is best game in series. Huge city with hundreds of busy people each talking and busy all at the same time.

    Was all downgrade from there.

  • yawn1337

    When that game works it is the best assassins creed IMO.

    The multiplayer, again, when it works, is so goddamn amazing.

  • shadowrun456

    I am confused whether the title is supposed to be satire, or if you genuinely think that those takedown animations look good.

  • Indianlookalike

    AC unity is quite literally the best original AC game in every aspect maybe except story, if only devs had more time to iron it out before the launch.

  • Battlefire

    It is crazy how gameplay wise Odyssey and Valhalla are a complete downgrade compared to Unity. Unity from its animations of parkouring and combat is so much better. It is arguably the most “Assassin’s” of the Assassin’s Creed games. I hope Mirage is something like Unify in terms of parkouring and combat. Though I wish they would do it to with the Japanese setting too. That seems to be more aligned with Odyssey.

  • Immediate_Reality357

    Unity was the last actual true AC game, yes it was rough at launch but if you go back and play it, it really holds up and it’s a load of fun.

    The parkour is definitely the best out of all the games

  • magvadis

    I’d love a remake of Unity that actually works. I REALLY enjoyed the multiplayer but the game crashed so often it wasn’t worth playing and trying to stay connected with friends was nearly impossible.

    It looked and played like the ultimate refinement of the AC formula but sadly was rushed out the gate and flopped.


    Hopefully they try again and get it right…also actually incorporating the multiplayer into the core campaign more clearly. I’d love a real multiplayer AC game with coop. Maybe I’d actually buy a modern one.

  • KRD2

    Unity-post-patches is the best Assassin’s Creed game imo. It is exactly what I want from AC1 but updated to have more pizazz and playability. I know it was a mess on launch but it was so good.

  • budyll66

    When they actually work that is. I wanted to replay Unity a few months back. 80% the animations were glitching out and combat was far too slow.

  • PckMan

    I think Unity got burried under the bad press on release due to bugs that were obviously due to the devs being rushed. It was the last AC that honestly tried to reinvent the series in an interesting and appropriate way (Much like II did after I and 3 did after that). I can’t say I like the direction the game’s taken since Origins.

  • Golden326326

    I’m thinking about getting black flag for the chance of an update for the X/S it was beautiful and very enjoyable to play on the PS3. And it was a cut down down version of it.

  • Key_Point_4063

    Assassins creed brotherhood is my fave of the series. Still has the charm of the older games but it was the first one to do pvp in a way that was like “ok this is awesome, I love how different this pvp is from any other game I’ve played.”

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